Bowers captures 3,000M in Jamestown

OBSERVER Photo by Scott Kindberg Silver Creek/Forestville’s Jorge Hasbun competes in the 100-meter dash during the Jamestown Track & Field Classic on Saturday at Strider Field in Jamestown.

Jamestown featured the top local girls team and boys team at the Jamestown Track & Field Classic on Saturday at Strider Field.

The Red & Green finished in third place for both the girls and boys results. Their girls totaled 61.5 points and their boys totaled 81.

Hamburg won the girls title with 95 points and Iroquois was second with 82. On the boys side, Hamburg won with 124 points, followed by Iroquois with 95.

Jamestown had three individual winners on the girls side. Belle Johnson won the 800 meters in 2:25.26, Emily Cardinale won the pole vault at 9 feet and Javiana Matos took the shot put at 31 feet, 10 inches.

In the boys competition, the Red & Green’s Noah Burch won the 400 meters in 50.41 seconds and Avery Thagard claimed the high jump at 5 feet, 8 inches. Jamestown’s Stephen Hallberg, Maxwell Knight, Owen Caswell and Isaiah Sanchez teamed up to win the 3,200-meter relay in 8:30.08.

Frewsburg’s Gracie Conlan was a double winner for the girls, capturing the long jump (16-2.5) and triple jump (32-8.25) as the Bears finished fifth with 59.5 points.

Silver Creek/Forestville’s Emily Bowers won the 3,000 meters in 11:21.11 as the Black Knights finished 12th with 17 points.

Dunkirk’s girls were seventh with 32 points, Clymer/Sherman/Panama was ninth with 26 and Maple Grove was 13th with 8 points.

In the boys competition, Clymer/Sherman/Panama and Frewsburg tied for seventh with 21 points, Dunkirk was 11th with 19 points, Silver Creek/Forestville 13th with 11 points and Maple Grove was 17th with 6 points.



Hamburg 95, Iroquois 82, Jamestown 61.5, Lake Shore 61, Frewsburg 59.5, West Seneca East 39, Dunkirk 32, Sacred Heart 31, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 26, Health Sciences 26, Applied Technologies 18, Silver Creek/Forestville 17, Maryvale 13, Maple Grove 8, Nichols 6, Erie 3


Hamburg 124, Iroquois 95, Jamestown 81, Maryvale 71, Lake Shore 27, Bishop Timon 25, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 21, Frewsburg 21, West Seneca East 21, Brookville 20, Dunkirk 19, Applied Technologies 18, Silver Creek/Forestville 11, Allegany-Limestone 10, Erie 9, Health Sciences 8, Maple Grove 6, Nichols 2



100m: Mia Finch (HS), Madison Burgess (J), Grace Lennon (Fre), Daiya Kowalski (LS), Ava Drabik (I). T–12.85

200m: Mia Finch (HS), Grace Lennon (Fre), Chase Chudoba (H), Braeann Stender (LS), Ava Drabik (I). T–26.22

400m: Chase Chudoba (H), Samantha Colley (SH), Daniela Bolende (HS), Abigail Putrino (H), Skylar Paglicci (M). T–1:00.56

800m: Belle Johnson (J), Amilcar Ceteno (D), Ella Krumpek (WSE), Amelia Anderson (SH), Solki Martin-Lacayo (C/S/P). T–2:25.26

1,500m: Ella Krumpek (WSE), London Hamilton (J), Kaylee Booker (I), Sienna Uebelhoer (I), Grace Caterina (SH). T–4:57.41

3,000m: Emily Bowers (SC/F), Kaylee Booker (I), Alexis Fronczak (M), Grace Cooke (C/S/P), Elena Kiefer (SH). T–11:21.11

100m hurdles: Braeann Stender (LS), Samantha Current (I), Alaina Driver (I), Sophia Washington (M), Teyaja Carr (E). T–15.74

400m hurdles: Samantha Current (I), Neveah Bradley (AT), Lena Anderson (H), Hazel Bache (D), Kara Gurowicz (WSE). T–1:11.07

400m relay: West Seneca East (Brianna Eagle, Dai’Liyah Hunter, Ava Millan, Alexis Reid), Applied Tech, Frewsburg, Hamburg, Sacred Heart. T–53.92

1,600m relay: Iroquois (Samantha Current, Ava Drabik, Tiana Schelble, Ava Spanitz), Hamburg, Jamestown, Sacred Heart, Dunkirk. T–4:25.11

3,200m relay: Hamburg (Claire Fitzgerald, Greta Schmitt, Alexis Heary, Mara Migliaccio), Frewsburg, Nichols. T–11:15.12

High jump: Chase Chudoba (H), Kaleigha Kosek (I), Isa Kioko (C/S/P), Brianna Eagle (WSE), Olivia Hallenbeck (Fre). H–5-3

Pole vault: Emily Cardinale (J), Felicity Cooper (D), Elayna Pitts (Fre), Victoria Valentic (LS) and Tiana Schelble (I). H–9-0

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (Fre), Kaleigha Kosek (I), Stevieanna Seneca (LS), Natalie Foglia (SH), Reese Chudoba (H). D–16-2.5

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (Fre), Stevieanna Seneca (LS), Brianna Eagle (WSE), Natalie Foglia (SH), Reese Chudoba (H). D–32-8.25

Shot put: Javiana Matos (J), Stevieanna Seneca (LS), Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Isabella Caparco (H), Alivia Wofford (J). D–31-10

Discus: Stevieanna Seneca (LS), Isabella Caparco (H), Alivia Wofford (J), Michaela Thomas (I), Brea Rubrecht (Fre). D–111-2

Pentathlon: Natalie Farrell (H), Grace Tanski (H), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Sydney Simmons (MG). P–2,627


100m: Sohel Ahmad Peran (M), Ayden Samuelson (J), Nicholas Skutnik (I), Jake Buczynski (LS), Ke’Shaun Garland (AT). T–10.96

200m: Sohel Ahmad Peran (M), Noah Burch (J), Jarren Cotter (J), Cole Silliman (I), Amari Worthy (BT). T–22.77

400m: Noah Burch (J), Logan Stanczewski (I), Pablo Ortiz (WSE), Alex Rudnicki (BT), Chris Jones (HS). T–50.41

800m: Andrew Donner (H), John Neudeck (H), Owen Erlandson (MG), Edward Jourden (D), Yvan Cyusa (AT). T–2:01.05

1,600m: Kristopher Mihallofski (H), Edward Jourden (D), Padraig Hart (BT), Clevon Wofford (J), Benjamin Bock (SC/F). T–4:46.61

3,200m: Nicholas Koch (H), Padraig Hart (BT), Chase Stanczewski (I), Wyatt Olmstead (J), Sullivan Cook (H). T–10:25.13

110m hurdles: Cole Silliman (I), Chase Strickland (I), Zayne Cline (Fre), Alexander Lineen (H), Ethan Strong (I). T–16.07

400m hurdles: Ethan Strong (I), Jackson Mancuso (H), Braiden Kennedy (J), Thomas Smaldino (LS), Ryan Perry (C/S/P). T–1:00.05

400m relay: Hamburg (Owen Day, Alexander Lineen, Aidan Pope, Dylan Hart), Iroquois, Erie, Lake Shore, Applied Tech. T–45.8

1,600m relay: Hamburg (Owen Day, Quinn Mazgaj, John Neudeck, Andrew Donner), Maryvale, Iroquois, Health Sciences, Jamestown. T–3:37.13

3,200m relay: Jamestown (Stephen Hallberg, Maxwell Knight, Owen Caswell, Isaiah Sanchez), Hamburg, Iroquois, Lake Shore, Erie. T–8:30.08

High jump: Avery Thagard (J), Adriel Calix (M), Camden Michienzi (H), Vincent Vaillancourt (I), Zayne Cline (Fre). H–5-8

Pole vault: Noah Snyder (H), Seth Wyzykowski (I), Liam Tillou (H), Jorge Rivera Jr. (J), Finn Caswell (J). H–12-9

Long jump: Joseph Moussa (M), Jake Buczynski (LS), Dylan Hart (J), Yerie Gutierrez (D), James Floyd (AT). D–20-1

Triple jump: Joseph Moussa (M), Dylan Hart (H), Jackson Mancuso (H), Ethan O’Hara (BT), Carter Woods (M). D–39-11.75

Shot put: Brayden Ross (B), Jacob Schliffhauer (WSE), Anthony Cipolla (C/S/P), Robert Rohde (M), Devin Johnson (C/S/P). D–49-4

Discus: Brayden Ross (B), Robert Rohde (M), Timothy Domino (I), Kolten Rhoades (C/S/P), Conner Jakubowicz (D). D–149-9

Pentathlon: Joshua Nolder (A-L), Nathan Mays (SC/F), Henry Rish (WSE), Brendan Devereaux (Fre), Liam Caswell (J). P–2,792


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