Dunkirk T&F honors seniors ahead of loss

Submitted Photo The Dunkirk track and field team honored its seniors ahead of Monday’s meet against Olean.

The Dunkirk track and field team celebrated 12 seniors on Monday night when it hosted Olean to Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track and field.

Lucas Lawrie, Cor’dell Davis, Felicity Cooper, Elizabeth Irizarry, Edward Jourdan, Hazle Bache, Johannas Rasilla, Conner Jakubowicz, Michael Hanlon, Nathan Carlson, Octavian Porter, and Amilcar Centeno were the seniors and many of them participated in an event for the first time or just competed in their favorites as a send off.

Johnee Thomas was a triple winner for the Marauders, but the boys came up short to Olean 72-69. Thomas claimed first in the 100, 200 and 400 meters with times of 11.2, 23.1 and 50.7.

Hanan Mohamad Narvaez and Khloe Munson were double winners for the Dunkirk girls who lost to the Huskies 92-51. Narvaez claimed first in the 1,500 and 3,000 meters with times of 5:47.9 and 12:58.3 while Munson won the 100 and 200 at 12.8 and 25.8.


3,200m relay: Olean (Karsten Stadlter, Andres Williams, Noah Kinnaird, Lucas Peterson-Volz). T–9:09.9

110m hurdles: Brennan Keiler (O), Blake Kinnaird (O), Liam McLaughlin (O). T–19.6

100m: Johnee Thomas (D), Nate Carlson (D), Domonick Hirliman (O). T–11.2

1,600m: Eddy Jourden (D), Lucas Peterson-Volz (O), Noah Kinnaird (O). T–4:48.7

400m relay: Dunkirk (Michael Hanlon, Nate Carlson, Lucas Lawrie, Conner Jakubowicz). T–45.1

400m: Johnee Thomas (D), Domonick Hirliman (O), Brody Frame (O). T–50.7

400m hurdles: Michael Hanlon (D), Brennan Keilar (O), Keegan Evan (O). T–59.5

800m: Lucas Lawrie (D), Eddy Jourdan (D), Karsten Stadtler (O). T–2:01.5

200m: Johnee Thomas (D), Nathan Carlson (D), Domonick Hirliman (O). T–23.1

3,200m: Lucas Peterson-Volz (O), Jacob Ours (O), Jayden Marvin (O). T–10:49.9

1,600m: Dunkirk (Michael Hanlon, Nathan Carlson, Johnee Thomas, Lucas Lawrie). T–3:32.4

High jump: Caedyn Tingle (O), Julius Jamyan (O), Malik McCall (O). H–5-6

Long jump: Yeriel Gutierrez (D), Julius Jameson (O), Brody Frame (O). D–17-10.25

Triple jump: Jaylen McMichael (D), Brody Frame (O), Carson Stadtler (O). D–39-7.5

Shot put: Amar Shaikh (O), Riley Smith Mallon (D), Gabe Milligan (D). D–40-6

Discus: Conner Jakubowicz (D), Gabe Milligan (O), Michael Hanlon (D). D–100-8

Pole vault: Blake Kinnaird (O), Brennan Kielar (O), Noah Kinnaird (O). H–10-0


3,200m relay: Olean (Phoenix Langdon, Viktoriia Lozynsk, Nora Boutilette, Sofia Rucinski). T–12:37.3

100m hurdles: Jaeda Clark (O), Ayonna Battle (O), Phoenix Langdon (O). T–18.6

100m: Khloe Munson (D), Amilcar Centeno (D), Jabreyah Brown (O). T–12.8

1,500m: Hanan Mohamad Narvaez (D), Sofia Rucinski (O), Nora Boutilette (O). T–5:47.9

400m relay: Olean (Addison Crosson, Jaeda Clark, Alexis Guglielmi, Jabreyah Brown). T–54.7

400m: Alexis Guglielmi (O), Brynn Cygan (O), Danielle Felt (D). T–1:10.2

400m hurdles: Hazle Bache (D), Jaeda Clark (O), Phoenix Langdon (O). T–1:15.4

800m: Amilcar Centeno (D), Hanan Mohamad Narvaez (D), Viktoriia Lozynska (O). T–2:40.1

200m: Khloe Munson (D), Addison Crosson (O), Jabreyah Brown (O). T–25.8

3,000m: Hanan Mohamad Narvaez (D), Nora Boutilette (O), Lily Eaton (O). T–12:58.3

1,600m relay: Olean (Jaeda Clark, Lilah Armstrong, Sofia Rucinski, Addison Crosson). T–4:46.5

High jump: Addison Crosson (O). H–4-4

Long jump: Alexis Guglielmi (O), Viktoriia Lozynska (O), Hazle Bache (D). D–13-0.75

Triple jump: Jabreyah Brown (O), Lilah Armstrong (O), Lauryn McCracken (D). D–27-1

Shot put: Victoria Lozynska (O), Hannah Marshall (O), Alyonna Battle (O). D–29-10

Discus: Hannah Marshall (O), Megan Morgan (O), Anahi DeJesus (O). D–50-11

Pole vault: Felicity Cooper (D), Lily Eaton (O), Alyeci Hollans Kenjucky (O). H–8-6


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