F/CV coasts past Dunkirk in girls track

Dunkirk’s Conner Jakubowicz competes in the 400-meter relay during Tuesday’s CCAA Division 1 track and field meet against Falconer/Cassadaga Valley at Bill Race Field in Falconer. OBSERVER Photo by Scott Kindberg

FALCONER — Behind a pair of individual wins by Marcella Seekings, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley breezed to a 109-28 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 girls track and field victory over Dunkirk.

Seekings claimed the 100-meter hurdles (17.9) and the 400-meter hurdles (1:10.1). Collectively, the Golden Cougars won 13 events.

For the Marauders, Hanan Mohamad (1,500 meters), Felicity Cooper (pole vault), Amilcar Centeno (800 meters) and the 1,600-meter relay of Hazel Bache, Centeno, Lauryn McCracken and Felicity Cooper captured first-place finishes.

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Ashlynn Smith, Angelica Mullen, Elayna Barber, Brynn Zaranek). T–13:31.7

100m hurdles: Marcella Seekings (F/CV) Brynn Helms (F/CV), Sydnee Snow (F/CV). T–17.9

Fredonia's Trenton Krenzer races to the finish line in the boys 3,200-meter race, while Southwestern's Lucy Brown leads the way for the girls in the 3,000 meters. OBSERVER Photo by Christian Storms

100m: Mary Lundmark (F/CV) Natalie Dossey (F/CV), Khloe Munson (D). T–12.8

1,500m: Hanan Mohamad Narvaez (D), Morgan Robbins (F/CV), Danielle Felt (D). T–5:36.6

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Natalie Dossey, Arianna Howard, Mary Lundmark, Roxane Geranmayeh). T–53.1.

400m: Natalie Dossey (F/CV), Elayna Barber (F/CV), Sureniety Suppa (F/CV). T–1:10.1.

Long jump: Gracie Barber (F/CV), Ashlynn Smith (F/CV), Brynn Helms (F/CV). D–14-8.5.

Shot put: Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Roxane Geranmayeh (F/CV), Summer Cieplinski (F/CV) D–29-1.

Pole vault: Felicity Cooper (D), Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Journey Alaimo (F/CV) H–9-0.

400m hurdles: Marcella Seekings (F/CV), Hazel Bache (D), Sydnee Snow (F/CV). T–1:10.1.

800m: Amilcar Centeno (D), Angelica Mullen (F/CV), Brynn Zaranek (F/CV). T–2:29.1.

200m: Gabrielle Cunningham (F/CV), Khloe Munson (D), Arianna Howard (F/CV). T–28.7.

Triple jump: Brynn Helms (F/CV), Gracie Barber (F/CV), Madelyn Widen (F/CV). D–30-5.5.

Discus: Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Addison Schrader (F/CV), Marlei Armstrong (F/CV). D–90-2.5.

High jump: Roxane Geranmayeh (F/CV), Madelyn Widen (F/CV), Gracie Barber (F/CV). H– 4-10.

3,000m: Anastasia tenPas (F/CV). T–19:44.2.

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Hazel Bache, Amilcar Centeno, Lauryn McCracken, Felicity Cooper) T–5:00.6.


FREDONIA — Southwestern’s boys finished their seventh straight undefeated league season and the girls won their second straight league title with convincing victories over Fredonia.

Connor Young was a triple winner and Neves Hoose was a double winner as the Trojans beat the Hillbillies 105-36 in boys action.

Young took the 100 meters (11.3), long jump (19-3) and triple jump (39-4), while Hoose claimed the 200 meters (24.1) and high jump (5-4).

Marlana Cresanti was a triple winner, while Emma Lewis, Ellie Pearson and Faith Hamilton were all double winners as Southwestern’s girls beat Fredonia 113-23.

Cresanti captured the 100 meters (12.9), 200 meters (27.1) and 400 meters (1:01.2), Lewis claimed the 1,500 meters (5:22.8) and 400-meter hurdles (1:08.2), Pearson took the long jump (14-5) and pole vault (7-6), and Hamilton won the shot put (33-4.75) and discus (100-3) for the Trojans (6-0, 5-0).

Fredonia’s Ellie Saunders won the high jump (4-11) and the Hillbillies also took the 1,600-meter relay (4:26.4).


3,200m relay: Southwestern (Trey Faulk, Tate James, Lukas Svenson, Donavin Brown). T–10:00.8

110m hurdles: Nathan Keefe (F), Lenieth Velez-Olmo (F), Neves Hoose (S). T–16.5

100m: Connor Young (S), Matt Butterfield (S), Velez-Olmo (F). T–11.3

1,600m: Faulk (S), Trenton Krenzer (F), James (S). T–4:46.1

400m relay: Fredonia (Velez-Olmo, Cayden Rizzo, Tim Field, Kyle Hammond). T–46.8

400m: Keefe (F), Hoose (S), Jack Fagan (F). T–56.0

400m hurdles: Sam Kautzman (S), Grey Kidder (S), Velez-Olmo (F). T–1:05

800m: Brown (S), Henry Warner (F), Reed Bedsley (F). T–2:20

200m: Hoose (S), Butterfield (S), Holland (F). T–24.1

3,200m: Krenzer (F), Svenson (S), Fagan (F). T–10:54

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Kautzman, James, Joey Sirianni, Brown). T–4:06

Long jump: Young (S), Trent Casselman (S), Chase Hartnett (S). D–19-3

Triple jump: Young (S), Hartnett (S), Gabe Tyger (S). D–39-4

High jump: Hoose (S), Liam Rankin (S), Kole Lyon (S). H–5-4

Shot put: Leo Kavic (S), Tyler McIntyre (S), Calvin Salisbury (S). D–44-6.5

Discus: McIntyre (S), Kavic (S), Salisbury (S). D–128-5

Pole vault: Cole Johnson (S), Tyger (S), Field (F). H–12-0


3,200m relay: Southwestern (Alexis Grijalva, Lillian Weikel, Emma Malmstrom-Jouannet, Kate Miller). T–11.05.8

100m hurdles: M’Kenzie Zavala (S), Mackenzie Rogers (S), Mariella Russo (F). T–17.0

100m: Marlana Cresanti (S), Grijalva (S), Delaney Kaiser (F). T–12.9

1,500m: Emma Lewis (S), Malmstrom-Jouannet (S), Izzie Czekanski (F). T–5:22.8

400m relay: Southwestern (Grijalva, Cresanti, Joslyn Brown, Avery Johnson). T–52.5

400m: Cresanti (S), Tryniti Card (S), AJohnson (S). T–1:01.2

400m hurdles: Lewis (S), Zavala (S), Rogers (S). T–1:08.2

200m: Cresanti (S), Kaiser (F), LaBarr (F). T–T–27.1

800m: Grijalva (S), Miller (S), Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer (F). T–2:33.6

3,000m: Lucy Brown (S). T–12:26.5

1,600m relay: Fredonia (Russo, Charis LaBarr, CeCe Turnelli, Kaiser). T–4:26.4

Long jump: Ellie Pearson (S), Reece Beaver (S), Katie Bishop (S). D–14-5

Triple jump: Bishop (S), JBrown (S), Ellie Saunders (F). D–31-3.5

High jump: ESaunders (F), Maddie Saunders (F), Russo (F). H–4-11

Shot put: Faith Hamilton (S), Leigha Sischo (S), Olivia Cippola (S). D–33-4.75

Discus: Hamilton (S), Sischo (S), Bella Sirianni (S). D–100-3

Pole vault: Pearson (S), Braya Beaver (S). H–7-6


ORCHARD PARK — The Jamestown boys suffered their first loss of the season against unbeaten Orchard Park 74-67 in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 action.

Liam Caswell was a double winner in the 110-meter hurdles (17.4) and 400-meter hurdles (1:00.5), and Stephen Hallberg took the 1,600 meters (4:38.5) and 3,200 meters (10:20.3) for the Red & Green.

Orchard Park took all three relays, and Max Bliemeister took the 100 meters, long jump and high jump for the Quakers.

Alivia Wofford was a double winner for the Jamestown girls in a 104-36 loss.

Wofford took the shot put (28-2.5) and discus (102-0) for the Red & Green (3-3, 2-3). Belle Johnson (400 meters) and Myah Crossley (long jump) also won for Jamestown.


3,200m relay: Orchard Park (Thomas Blake, Zau Aguirre, Ben Betrus, Colton Fisher). T–8:26.8

110m hurdles: Liam Caswell (J), Avery Thagard (J), Owen Casto (OP). T–17.4

100m: Max Bliemeister (OP), Noah Burch (J), Jarren Cotter (J). T–10.8

1,600m: Stephen Hallberg (J), Maxwell Knight (J), Blake (OP). T–4:38.5

400m: Burch (J), Fisher (OP), Drew Fuentes (OP). T–51.5

400m hurdles: Caswell (J), Braiden Kennedy (J), Kyle Rains (OP). T–1:00.5

800m: Betrus (OP), Blake (OP), Isaiah Sanchez (J). T–2:03.6

200m: Burch (J), Steven Barlett (OP), Ayden Samuelson (J). T–22.4

3,200m: Hallberg (J), Knight (J), C.J. Wofford (J). T–10:20.3

1,600m relay: Orchard Park (Fuentes, Xavier Elom, Jayden Hassett, Fisher). T–3:39.0

400m relay: Orchard Park (Barlett, Anthony Mancabelli, Dan Cambel, Bliemeister). T–43.7

Long jump: Bliemeister (OP), Burch (J), Cam Mears (OP). D–20-9.25

Triple jump: Samuelson (J), Max Mancabelli (OP), Thagard (J). D–38-7.75

High jump: Bliemeister (OP), Jorge Rivera Jr. (J), Thagard (J). D–6-0

Pole vault: MMancabelli (OP), AMancabelli (OP), Rivera Jr.. H–12-0

Shot put: Ben Slusarz (OP), Andre Graham (J), Jake Gordhamer (OP). D–41-11

Discus: Gordhamer (OP), MMancabelli (OP), Rivera Jr. (J). D–123-9


3,200m relay: Orchard Park (N/A). T–10:49

100m hurdles: Dorsey (OP), Qualey (OP), DeMong (OP). T–15.8

100m: Dorsey (OP), Schmitz (OP), Myah Crossley (J). T–12.7

1,500m: Snelli (OP), Wierer (OP), Nolah Hamilton (J). T–5:11.7

400m relay: Orchard Park (N/A). T–50.8

400m: Belle Johnson (J), Muscarella (OP), Stegner (OP). T–1:01.6

400m hurdles: Wisnieski (OP), Hill (OP), Muscarella (OP). T–1:13

800m: Barlett (OP), London Hamilton (J), Czekanski (OP). T–2:20.1

3,000m: Snelli (OP), London Hamilton (J), Henrich (OP). T–11:34

1,600m relay: Orchard Park (Stegner, Hagen, Choroser, Qualey). T–4:28.1

Long jump: Myah Crossley (J), Hagen (OP), Amara Pacheco (J). D–15-7

Triple jump: Hagen (OP), Qualey (OP). D–34-10.5

High jump: Bernas (OP), Wisulewski (OP), Morreole (OP). H–4-10

Shot put: Aliva Wofford (J), Kloss (OP), Foley (OP). D–28-2.5

Discus: Alivia Wofford (J), Nessin (OP), Foley (OP). D–102-0

Pole vault: Bernas (OP), Cardinale (J) and Dorsey (OP). H–11-0


CLYMER — Cody Kent was a triple winner, while Zayne Cline and Landon Stormer were double winners as Frewsburg’s boys beat Clymer/Sherman/Panama 76-64.

Kent took the 1,600 meters (5:08.5), 800 meters (2:10) and 3,200 meters (10:57), Cline claimed the 110-meter hurdles (15.8) and high jump (5-4), and Stormer captured the 100 meters (11.1) and 200 meters (22.6) for the Bears.

In the girls meet, Tayden Persons was a double winner for the Wolfpack en route to an 86-54 victory.

Persons took the 100-meter hurdles (17.4) and 400-meter hurdles (1:09.2).

Grace Lennon was victorious in the 100 meters (12.8) and 200 meters (26.4) for Frewsburg.


3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Finn Fadale, Ben Cooke, Larsen Swan, RJ Johnson). T–9:22.8

110m hurdles: Zayne Cline (F), Sawyer Whitney (C/S/P), Lucas Randolph (F). T–15.8

100m: Landon Stormer (F), Ryan Perry (C/S/P), Cole Vaughn (F). T–11.1

1,600m: Cody Kent (F), Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P), Nolan LeBaron (F). T–5:08.5

400m relay: Frewsburg (Zayne Cline, Lucas Randolph, Cole Vaughn, Landon Stormer). T–46.5

400m: Henry Eckert (F), Collin Ryan (C/S/P), Braedan Signorino (F). T–56.5

400m hurdles: Noah Erickson (F), Ryan Perry (C/S/P), Blake Beckerink (C/S/P). T–1:03.6

800m: Cody Kent (F), Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P), RJ Johnson (C/S/P). T–2:10

200m: Landon Stormer (F), Zayne Cline (F), Lucas Randolph (F). T–22.6

3,200m: Cody Kent (F), Xander Pitts (F), Finn Fadale (C/S/P). T–10:57

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Noah Erickson, Henry Eckert, Landon Stormer, Cole Vaughn). T–3:47.7

High jump: Zayne Cline (F), Sawyer Whitney (C/S/P), RJ Johnson (C/S/P). H–5-4

Long jump: Ryan Perry (C/S/P), Daniel Meeder (C/S/P), Trent Shampoe (C/S/P). D–18-0

Triple jump: Daniel Meeder (C/S/P), Trent Shampoe (C/S/P), Noah Erickson (F). D–36-0

Shot put: Devin Johnson (C/S/P), Tony Cipolla (C/S/P), Kael Collver (F). D–41-8.5

Discus: Kolten Rhoades (C/S/P), Brandon Keefe (C/S/P), Travis Owens (C/S/P). D–124-5


3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Tess Flikkema, Brooke Warner, Haley Odell, Solki Martin-Lacayo). T–11:17.9

100m hurdles: Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Olivia Hallenbeck (F), Elli Seiberg (F). T–17.4

100m: Grace Lennon (F), Abby Malecki (C/S/P), Cassi Marucci (C/S/P). T–12.8

1,500m: Grace Cooke (C/S/P), Audrey Eckwahl (F), Brionna Dumaine (F). T–5:33.5

400m relay: Frewsburg (Olivia Hallenbeck, Gracie Conlan, Elli Seiberg, Grace Lennon). T–52.6

400m: Matilyn Rhines (C/S/P), Jayne Chambers (C/S/P), Bella Miller (C/S/P). T–1:08

400m hurdles: Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Charlotte Lombardo (F), Grace Gilevski (F). T–1:09.2

800m: Solki Martin-Lacayo (C/S/P), Tess Flikkema (C/S/P), Audrey Eckwahl (F). T–2:29.4

200m: Grace Lennon (F), Abby Malecki (C/S/P), Elli Seiberg (F). T–26.4

3,000m: Haley Odell (C/S/P), N/A (F), Hannidy Goetzinger (C/S/P). T–12:10

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Cassi Marucci, Eve Johnson, Jayne Chambers, Solki Martin-Lacayo). T–4:40.3

High jump: Isa Kioko (C/S/P), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Eve Johnson (C/S/P). H–5-0

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Lily Johnson (C/S/P), Eve Johnson (C/S/P). D–16-1.5

Triple jump: Lily Johnson (C/S/P), Olivia Hallenbeck (F), Lily Borowski (C/S/P). D–31-1.5

Shot put: Lilly Overstreet (C/S/P), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Brea Rubrecht (F). D–27-10.5

Discus: Brea Rubrecht (F), Abby Becker (C/S/P), Lilly Overstreet (C/S/P). D–85-9


ELLERY — Sydney Simmons was a triple winner and McKenzie Wadsworth was a double winner for Maple Grove in a 91-45 girls victory over Gowanda.

Simmons took the 100-meter hurdles (16.2), long jump (13-11.75) and high jump (4-4), while Wadsworth captured the 100 meters (13.6) and 200 meters (28.8) for the Red Dragons.

Calie Hudson claimed the 1,500 meters (5:30) and 3,000 meters (11:56.7) for the Panthers.

Jonah Foley was a triple winner, while Ty Kraft, Ryan Lockwood and Ethan Verbosky were double winners as Maple Grove’s boys beat Gowanda 118-23.

Foley claimed the long jump (20-11), triple jump (40-10) and high jump (6-0), Kraft took the 100-meter hurdles (17.2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:01.2), Lockwood captured the 100 meters (11.7) and shot put (34-2), and Verbosky won the 1,600 meters (4:47) and 3,200 meters (10:33.8) for the Red Dragons.


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (LBohall, LElliss, EBrunenavs, EFessel). T– 14:00.2

100m hurdles: Sydney Simmons (MG), Elizabeth Malek (G), Adri Lombardo (MG). T–16.2

100m: McKenzie Wadsworth (MG), Avery Wilson (G), Octavia Williams (G). T–13.6

1,500m: Calie Hudson (G), Evalyn Fessel (MG), Rylie Allen (MG). T–5:30

400m relay: Gowanda (N/A). T–N/A

400m: Bella DeGolier (G), Willow Mentley-Peters (G), Claire Price (MG). T–1:10.1

400m hurdles: Elizabeth Malek (G), Lily Bohall (MG). T–1:20

800m: Lily Elliss (MG), Ellie Brunenavs (MG), Mae Benedetto (MG). T–2:41.4

200m: McKenzie Wadsworth (MG), Adri Lombardo (MG). T–28.8

3,000m: Calie Hudson (G), Mae Benedetto (MG), Ellie Brunenavs (MG). T–11:56.7

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (ALombardo, JJohnson, LElliss, EFessel). T–5:22.9

Shot put: Rebekka Roberts (MG), Claire Price (MG), Cambria Fiorella (MG). D–26-3.75

Discus: Claire Price (MG), Cambria Fiorella (MG), Mattie Pawlak (G). D–74-10

Long jump: Sydney Simmons (MG), McKenzie Wadsworth (MG), Alyssa Ruzycki (G). D–13-11.75

Triple jump: Evalyn Fessel (MG), Destiny Golden (G), Alyssa Ruzycki (G). D–27-4.75

High jump: Sydney Simmons (MG), Bella DeGolier (G), Zoey Foley (MG). H–4-4

Pole vault: Desi Putt (MG). H–7-6


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (SVerbosky, OErlandson, JLewis, EVerbosky). T–9:26

100m hurdles: Ty Kraft (MG), Maddox Hudson (G), Jon Nocero (MG). T–17.2

100m: Ryan Lockwood (MG), Rider Carlson (MG), Winter Mentley-Peters (G). T–11.7

1,600m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), Sean Verbosky (MG), Jacob Lewis (MG). T–4:47

400m relay: Maple Grove (RLockwood, LColburn, TOste, RCarlson). T–47.9

400m: Owen Erlandson (MG), Ty Oste (MG), Marcus Gamble (G). T–55.4

400m hurdles: Ty Kraft (MG), Logan Quattrone (MG), Zach Hojnacki (G). T–1:01.2

800m: Sean Verbosky (MG), Jacob Lewis (MG), Jayson Twoguns (G). T–2:12

200m: Rider Carlson (MG), Winter Mentley-Peters (G), Marcus Gamble (G). T–24.2

3,200m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), Josh Ashbaugh (MG), Brennan Muecke (MG). T–10:33.8

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (SVerbosky, TOste, TKraft, EVerbosky). T–3:50

Shot put: Ryan Lockwood (MG), Aiden Ackley (G), Nick Ondus (G). D–34-2

Discus: Brennan Moore (MG), Aiden Ackley (G), Logan Quattrone (MG). D–89-0

Long jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Liam Colburn (MG), Maddox Hudson (G). D–20-11

Triple jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Liam Colburn (MG), Derek Milne (G). D–40-10

High jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Jayson Twoguns (G), Dylan Moore (MG). H–6-0

Pole vault: Dylan Moore (MG), Jon Nocero (MG), Logan Quattrone (MG). H–9-0


SILVER CREEK — Mattie Evans-Brown was Randolph’s lone double winner, but the Cardinals managed to edge Silver Creek/Forestville 68-64.

Evans-Brown claimed the 100 meters (13.6) and triple jump (32-3.75).

The Black Knights had three double winners. Leah Mays took the 1,500 meters (5:29.8) and 3,000 meters (12:02.5), Chymerah Genovese captured the 200 meters (29.2) and 400 meters (1:05.7), and Molly Shaw won the 400-meter hurdles (1:15) and long jump (13-6).

Talon Rowland was a triple winner, while Maverick Adams and Roan Kelly were double winners for the Randolph boys in a 114-21 victory.

Rowland took the 100 meters (11.1), 200 meters (22.0) and long jump (19-5), Adams claimed the 110-meter hurdles (19.7) and discus (123-8), and Kelly captured the 1,600 meters (5:08.9) and 3,200 meters (11:29.9) for the Cardinals.

Nate Mays won the 400-meter hurdles (1:06.1) for the Black Knights.


100m hurdles: Kyler Patterson (R), Hailey Farmer (R). T–21.0

100m: Mattie Evans-Brown (R), Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Emily Bain (SC/F). T–13.6

1,500m: Leah Mays (SC/F), Gracyn Rowland (R), Lucy Conley (R). T–5:29.8

400m: Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Leah Mays (SC/F), Emily Bain (SC/F). T–1:04.3

400m hurdles: Molly Shaw (SC/F), Ryann Rowland (R). T–1:15

800m: Maddison VanSickle (R), Ella Monroe (R). T–2:51.5

200m: Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Eve Adams (R), Molly Shaw (SC/F). T–29.2

3,000m: Leah Mays (SC/F), Lucy Conley (R). T–12:02.5

400m relay: Randolph (AFinch, KLuce, EMonroe, KPatterson). T–57.4

1,600m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (MShaw, EBain, CGenovese, LMays). T–4:34.5

3,200m relay: Randolph (EAdams, LConley, GRowland, MVanSickle). T–13:07.9

Long jump: Molly Shaw (SC/F), Ella Monroe (R), Katrina Lester (SC/F). D–13-6

Triple jump: Mattie Evans-Brown (R), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Alyia Oliverio (R). D–32-3.75

High jump: Eve Adams (R), Rachael Beadle (SC/F). H–4-8

Shot put: Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Rachael Beadle (SC/F). D–30-4

Discus: Stella Smith (R), Abby Gawron (SC/F), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F). D–90-2

Pole vault: Sierra Smith (R). H–6-0


3,200m relay: Randolph (Kevin McElwain, Parker Patterson, Rhys Kelly, Domanik Clark). T–9:05.2

110m hurdles: Maverick Adams (R). T–19.7

100m: Talon Rowland (R), Jorge Hasbun (SC/F), Nate Mays (SC/F). T–11.1

1,600m: Roan Kelly (R), Parker Patterson (R). T–5:08.9

400m relay: Randolph (Gavin Stearns, Diego Stradi, Maverick Adams, Caden Inkley). T–46.0

400m: Dempsey McDonald (R), Domanik Clark (R), Christian Hayes (R). T–52.3

400m hurdles: Nate Mays (SC/F), Nathan Zink (SC/F), Caleb Durow (R). T–1:06.1

800m: Kevin McElwain (R), Ben Bock (SC/F), Trent Lack (SC/F). T–2:18.8

200m: Talon Rowland (R), Diego Stradi (R), Gavin Stearns (R). T–22.0

3,200m: Roan Kelly (R), Rhys Kelly (R), N/A (R). T–11:29.9

Shot put: Izzy Dowdy (R), Maverick Adams (R), Kevin Murawski (SC/F). D–41-1

Discus: Maverick Adams (R), Matt Dunn (SC/F), Izzy Dowdy (R). D–123-8

Pole vault: Caden Inkley (R), Parker Patterson (R), Domanik Clark (R). H–10-0

High jump: Zack Kachermeyer (R), David Barrett (SC/F), Gavin Stearns (R). H–5-4

Triple jump: Diego Stradi (R), Dempsey McDonald (R). D–36-0.75

Long jump: Talon Rowland (R), Zack Kachermeyer (R), Noah Gruber (SC/F). D–19-5

1,600m relay: Randolph (N/A). T–3:44.1


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