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Dunkirk’s Thomas, Hanlon prevail at Falconer Invite

Dunkirk’s Michael Hanlon clears a hurdle en route to winning the 400-meter hurdles at the Golden Falcon Track Invitational on Friday at Bill Race Field in Falconer. OBSERVER Photo by Tim Frank

FALCONER — Four double winners, a meet record and four state standards being reached highlighted the Golden Falcon Track & Field Invitational on Friday night at Bill Race Field.

Southwestern’s Faith Hamilton was named the Outstanding Girls Field Athlete after winning the shot put (36-5) and discus (107-0), while her teammate Emma Lewis was named the Outstanding Girls Track Athlete after winning the 1,500 meters (4:54.04) and 800 meters (2:22.14).

On the boys side, Randolph’s Talon Rowland was the Outstanding Track Athlete with a 200-meter winning time of 21.98 seconds that hit a super standard. Rowland was also a member of the Cardinals’ second-place 400-meter relay and 1,600-meter relay teams, and took second in the long jump.

Maple Grove’s Jonah Foley was the Outstanding Field Athlete following victories in the triple jump (41-5) and high jump (6-0).

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Nathan Bailey hit the state standard in the pole vault at 13 feet, Dunkirk’s Johnee Thomas hit the state standard in the 400 meters with a winning time of 49.73 seconds, and Frewsburg’s Cody Kent hit the state standard and broke the meet record in the 3,000-meter steeplechase with a time of 9:28.20.

The Marauders’ Johnee Thomas wins the 400 meters. OBSERVER Photo by Tim Frank

Other highlights from the annual invitational included two other double winners: Aryanna Hatch of Portville in the 100-meter hurdles (17:36) and the 400 hurdles (1:08.37); and Jenna Wyant of Portville in the 400 meters (1:04.13) and the 200 meters (26.34).

Jamestown won the boys large-school team title with 108 points, followed by Southwestern (94) and Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (82). Randolph was the small-school champion with 120 points, followed by Maple Grove (106) and Clymer/Sherman/Panama (76).

On the girls side, Southwestern was the large-school winner with 174 points, followed by Springville (105) and Jamestown (101). Portville took the small-school crown with 108 points, followed by Clymer/Sherman/Panama (91) and Randolph (82).


Large Schools

Jamestown 108, Southwestern 94, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley 82, Dunkirk 77, St. Francis 59, City Honors 47, Olean 40, Springville 22, Fredonia 17, Eden/North Collins 12

Small Schools

Randolph 120, Maple Grove 106, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 76, West Valley 53, Frewsburg 53, Gowanda 41, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton 36, Silver Creek/Forestville 31, Portville 27, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 15


Large Schools

Southwestern 174, Springville 105, Jamestown 101, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley 63, Eden/North Collins 40, Fredonia 33, Dunkirk 21, City Honors 11, Olean 9

Small Schools

Portville 108, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 91, Randolph 82, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton 68, Maple Grove 61, Gowanda 42, Frewsburg 39, Silver Creek/Forestville 35, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 27, West Valley 4


2,000m steeplechase: Lucy Brown (Southwestern), Calie Hudson (Gowanda), Hannan Mohamad (Dunkirk), Gracyn Rowland (Randolph), Olivia Wolfe (Chautauqua Lake). T — 8:05.44.

100m hurdles: Aryanna Hatch (Portville), Aaliyah Sansone (Springville), Sydney Simmons (Maple Grove), M’Kenzie Zavala (Southwestern). T — 17:36.

3,200m relay: Jamestown (London Hamilton, Nolah Hamilton, Kater Hockenberry, Belle Johnson), Chautauqua Lake, Maple Grove, Portville, Eden. T — 10:29.37.

100m: Madison Burgess (Jamestown), Myah Crossley (Jamestown), Linnea Neureuther (Springville), Marlana Cresanti (Southwestern), Avery Johnson (Southwestern). T — 12.71.

1,500m: Emma Lewis (Southwestern), Elke Melnik (Springville), Belle Johnson (Jamestown), Calie Hudson (Gowanda), Giuliana Fodor (Eden). T — 4:54.04.

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Natalie Dossey, Hannah Madonia, Mary Lundmark, Roxanne Geranmayeh), Portville, Southwestern, Springville, Chautauqua Lake. T — 51.50.

400m: Jenna Wyant (Portville), Alexis Grijalva (Southwestern), Emma Gassman (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Delaney Kaiser (Fredonia), Triniti Card (Southwestern). T — 1:04.13.

400m hurdles: Aryanna Hatch (Portville), Hannah Madonia (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Tayden Persons (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Mariella Russo (Fredonia), M’Kenzie Zavala (Southwestern). T — 1:08.37.

800m: Emma Lewis (Southwestern), Solki Martin-Lacayo (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Elke Melnik (Springville), Kate Miller (Southwestern), Ava Haynes (Portville). T — 2:22.14.

200m: Julia Wyant (Portville), Madison Burgess (Jamestown), Linnea Neureuther (Springville), Jada Cole (Chautauqua Lake), Emma Gassman (Cattaraugus-Little Valley). T — 26.34.

3,000m: London Hamilton (Jamestown), Isabella Bogner (Springville), Haley Odell (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Grace Cooke (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Calie Hudson (Gowanda). T — 11:11.48.

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (Frewsburg), Myah Crossley (Jamestown), Emily Cardinale (Jamestown), Ellie Pearson (Southwestern), Giuliana Fodor (Eden). D — 16-9.

Shot put: Faith Hamilton (Southwestern), Lucille Jimerson (Silver Creek), Leigha Sischo (Southwestern), Autumn Lynn (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Javiana Matos (Jamestown). D — 36-5.

Discus: Faith Hamilton (Southwestern), Mikayla Johnson (Southwestern), Brooke Reding (Randolph), Annabelle Koszelak (Eden), Alivia Wofford (Jamestown). D — 107-0.

High jump: Jada Cole (Chautauqua Lake), Aaliyah Sansone (Springville), Marlana Cresanti (Southwestern), Mariella Russo (Fredonia), Olivia Wolfe (Chautauqua Lake), Isa Kioko (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). H — 5-2.

Pole Vault — Emily Cardinale (Jamestown), Eve Adams (Randolph), Mary Lundmark (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Felicity Cooper (Dunkirk), Ellie Pearson (Southwestern). H — 9-0.

1,600m relay: Portville (Jessica Daley, Aryanna Hatch, Jenna Wyant, Julia Wyant), Southwestern, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Springville. T — 4:04.98.

Triple jump: Kendra Cook (Springville), Mattie Evansbrown (Randolph), Gracie Conlan (Frewsburg), Jada Cole (Chautauqua Lake), Lily Johnson (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). D — 34-4.


3,000m steeplechase: Cody Kent (Frewsburg), Jack Tharnish (West Valley), Nathan Phillips (St. Francis), Lucas Arnone (Jamestown), Parker Patterson (Randolph). T — 9:58.20.

110m hurdles: Zayne Cline (Frewsburg), Mason Kilmer (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Dominic Davis (St. Francis), Nathan Powers (St. Francis), Brendan Devereaux (Frewsburg). T — 15.96.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Trey Faulk, Tate James, Lukas Svenson, Donavin Brown), Falconer, Maple Grove, City Honors, Olean. T — 8:37.57.

100m: Ayden Samuelson (Jamestown), Parker Dornan (Portville), Gavin Stearns (Randolph), Amadeo Bhattacharjee (City Honors), Nathan Carlson (Dunkirk). T — 11.44.

1,600m: Roan Kelly (Randolph), Stephen Hallberg (Jamestown), Chase Bolen (Gowanda), Edward Jourden (Dunkirk), Jack Tharnish (West Valley). T — 4:21.62.

400m relay: Jamestown (Noah Burch, Ayden Samuelson, Aidan Senear, Jarren Cotter), Randolph, St. Francis, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Maple Grove. T — 44:05.

400m: Johnee Thomas (Dunkirk), Noah Burch (Jamestown), Lucas Dunnewold (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Forrest Denz (City Honors), Sam Bowers (Silver Creek). T — 49.73.

400m hurdles: Michael Hanlon (Dunkirk), Dominic Davis (St. Francis), Sam Kautzman (Southwestern), Ty Kraft (Maple Grove), Mason Wilson (Gowanda). T — 56.91.

800m: Donavin Brown (Southwestern), Lucas Lawrie (Dunkirk), Trey Faulk (Southwestern), Isaiah Sanchez (Jamestown), Owen Caswell (Jamestown). T — 2:01.67.

200m: Talon Rowland (Randolph), Nathan Carlson (Dunkirk), Amadeo Bhattacharjee (City Honors), Maximus Sturniolo (St. Francis). T — 21.98.

Long jump: Noah Burch (Jamestown), Talon Rowland (Randolph), Connor Young (Southwestern), Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Trent Casselman (Southwestern). D — 21-1.75.

Shot put: Graeden Heichberger (Springville), Leo Kavic (Southwestern), Zachary Markham (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Anthony Cipolla (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Devin Johnson (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). D — 47-4.75.

Discus: Connor Jakubowicz (Dunkirk), Walter Lukasiak (Chautauqua Lake), Josiah Devlin (Eden), Mason Maring (Chautauqua Lake), Gabe Milligan (Olean). D — 136-7.

High jump: Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Neves Hoose (Southwestern), Max Permentier (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Nathan Bailey (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Julius Jamieson (Olean). H — 6-0.

Pole vault: Nathan Bailey (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Blake Kinnaird (Olean), Nathan Powers (St. Francis), Mason Kilmer (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley). H — 13-0.

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Michael Hanlon, Nathan Carlson, Johnee Thomas, Lucas Lawrie), Randolph, Jamestown, Southwestern, Maple Grove. T — 3:24.67.

Triple jump: Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Diego Stradi (Randolph), Connor Young (Southwestern), Parker Dorman (Portville), Mason Kilmer (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley). D — 41-5.


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