Golden Cougars take pair of T&F wins

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Hannah Madonia soars through the air in the long jump at Fredonia High School on Tuesday. Madonia claimed first in the event as the Golden Cougars beat the ‘Billies 84-56.

The Falconer/Cassadaga Valley track and field teams traveled to Fredonia and came away with a pair of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 track and field victories on Tuesday.

Mary Lundmark was a triple-winner for the Falconer/Cassadaga Valley girls, claiming the 100 meters and 200 meters as well as the pole vault en route to an 84-56 victory.

Lundmark sprinted to times of 12.9 and 27.4, then reached a height of 7 feet, 6 inches in the pole vault.

Fredonia championed a pair of double winners in Mariella Russo and Izzie Czekanski. Russo won the 100-meter hurdles at 17.9 and then claimed the high jump reaching a height of 4 feet, 10 inches, while Czekanski won the 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters at 6:11.8 and 13:33.4, respectively.

The Golden Cougars also had double winners in Autumn Lynn and Hannah Madonia.

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Fredonia’s Trenton Krenzer leads the pack in the 1,600 meters against Falconer/Cassadaga Valley at Fredonia High School on Tuesday.

In the boys, a trio of double-winners in Bradyn Fuller, Jaden Binkley and Charles Sundquist led the Golden Cougars to a huge 108-28 victory.

Fuller claimed the 100 meters at 11.5 and the triple jump with a distance of 36 feet, 3.5 inches, Binkley won the 800 meters and 1,600 meters at times of 2:19.2 and 5:03.0, respectively, and Sundquist claimed shot put with a throw of 41 feet, 2.25 inches and discus reaching 129 feet, 6 inches.

Fredonia’s only victories came from Nathan Keefe in the 400 meters, Trenton Krenzer in the 3,200 meters and Lenieth Velez-Olmo in the 400-meter hurdles.

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Seth Carr, Brent Troutman, Gabe Lundmark, Jaden Binkley). T–9:22.8

110m hurdles: Mason Kilmer (F/CV), Nathan Keefe (Fr), Lenieth Velez-Olmo (Fr). T–16.1

100m: Bradyn Fuller (F/CV), Charlie Reichenbach (F/CV), Tim Field (Fr). T–11.5

1,600m: Jaden Binkley (F/CV), Trenton Krenzer (Fr), Gabe Lundmark (F/CV). T–5:03.0

400m relay: Double disqualification.

400m: Nathan Keefe (Fr), Seth Carr (F/CV), Sergio Mayo (F/CV). T–55.9

400m hurdles: Lenieth Velez-Olmo (Fr), Austin Main (F/CV), Patrick Braley (F/CV). T–1:04.3

800m: Jaden Binkley (F/CV), Brent Troutman (F/CV), Henry Warner (Fr). T–2:19.2

200m: Charlie Reichenbach (F/CV), Brennan Ambrose (Fr), Sergio May (F/CV). T–25.1

3,200m: Trenton Krenzer (Fr), Gabe Lundmark (F/CV), Jimmy Fagan (Fr). T–10:57.9

1,600m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Aiden McCleery, Connor Main, Austin Main, Jaden Binkley). T–9:22.8

Discus: Charles Sundquist (F/CV), Hunter Caldwell (F/CV), Anthony Wood (F/CV). D–129-6

Shot put: Charles Sundquist (F/CV), Hunter Caldwell (F/CV), Anthony Wood (F/CV). D–41-2.25

High jump: Nathan Bailey (F/CV), Max Parmentier (F/CV), Anthony Wood (F/CV). H–5-6

Long jump: Austin Main (F/CV), Aiden McCleery (F/CV), Shaedon Swiekaz (F/CV). D–16-11

Triple jump: Bradyn Fuller (F/CV), Mason Kilmer (F/CV), Connor Main (F/CV). D–36-3.5

Pole vault: Max Parmentier (F/CV), Mason Kilmer (F/CV), Nathan Bailey (F/CV). H–10-0


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Brynn Zaranek, Angelica Mullen, Elayna Barber, Natalie Dossey). T–11:41.2

100m hurdles: Mariella Russo (Fr), Brynn Helms (F/CV), Marcella Seekings (F/CV). T–17.9

100m: Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Delaney Kaiser (Fr), Hannah Madonia (F/CV). T–12.9

1,500m: Izzie Czekanski (Fr), Morgan Robbins (F/CV), Emily McCann (Fr). T–6:11.8

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Natalie Dossey, Hannah Madonia, Mary Lundmark, Roxane Geranmayeh). T–52.9

400m: Delaney Kaiser (Fr), Aria Russo (Fr), Natalie Dossey (F/CV). T–1:04.5

400m hurdles: Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Mariella Russo (Fr), Marcella Seekings (F/CV). T–1:12.0

800m: Angelica Mullen (F/CV), Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer (Fr), Brynn Zaranek (F/CV). T–2:49.1

200m: Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Delaney Kaiser (Fr), CeCe Tonelli (Fr). T–27.4

3,000m: Izzie Czekanski (Fr), Morgan Robbins (F/CV), Emily McCann (Fr). T–13:33.4

1,600m relay: Fredonia (Mariella Russo, Charis LaBarr, Aria Russo, Delaney Kaiser). T–5:39.4

Shot put: Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Roxie Geranmayeh (F/CV), Addy Schrader (F/CV). D–27-10.25

Discus: Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Roxie Geranmayeh (F/CV), Addy Schrader (F/CV). D–76-4

High jump: Mariella Russo (Fr), Elly Saunders (Fr), Charis LaBarr (Fr). H–4-10

Long jump: Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Roxie Geranmayeh (F/CV), Elly Saunders (Fr). D–14-1.5

Triple jump: Brynn Helms (F/CV), Elly Saunders (Fr), Gracie Barber (Fr). D–28-7.25

Pole vault: Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Journey Alaimo (F/CV). H–7-6


FREWSBURG — Gracie Conlan was a triple winner for Frewsburg’s girls and every point was needed as the Bears topped Maple Grove 71-68 in Division 3 action.

Conlan was victorious in the 100 meters (13.6), long jump (16-5) and triple jump (31-5) for Frewsburg (2-1).

Sydney Simmons was a triple winner for the Red Dragons, who led 46-41 after track events. Simmons took the 100-meter hurdles (17.5), 400-meter hurdles (1:22.5) and high jump (4-8).

An 11-point edge in the track events proved valuable as Frewsburg’s boys held off Maple Grove for a 72-68 victory.

Landon Stormer was a double winner for the Bears (2-1), capturing the 100 meters (11.2) and 200 meters (23.4).

Jonah Foley was a triple winner for the Red Dragons, claiming the long jump (20-1), high jump (6-0) and triple jump (40-1). Ethan Verbosky won the 1,600 meters (4:37.1) and 800 meters (2:12.8) for Maple Grove.


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Sean Verbosky, Owen Erlandson, Jacob Lewis, Ethan Verbosky). T–8:53.2

110m hurdles: Zayne Cline (F), Brendan Devereaux (F), Ty Kraft (MG). T–17.2

100m: Landon Stormer (F), Ryan Lockwood (MG), Cole Vaughn (F). T–11.2

1,600m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), Cody Kent (F), Juvenal Diaz-Cortes (F). T–4:37.1

400m relay: Frewsburg (Zayne Cline, Kael Collver, Cole Vaughn, Landon Stormer). T–47.4

400m: Sean Verbosky (MG), Landon Stormer (F), Henry Eckert (F). T–53.9

400m hurdles: Brendan Devereaux (F), Ty Kraft (MG), Jaden Collver (F). T–1:01.7

800m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), Juvenal Diaz-Cortes (F), Owen Erlandson (MG). T–2:12.8

200m: Landon Stormer (F), Cole Vaughn (F), Rider Carlson (MG). T–23.4

3,200m: Cody Kent (F), Sean Verbosky (MG), Jacob Lewis (MG). T–10:14

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Ty Oste, Owen Erlandson, Ty Kraft, Ethan Verbosky). T–3:42.5

Long jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Liam Colburn (MG), Brendan Devereaux (F). D–20-1

High jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Zayne Cline (F), Dylan Moore (MG). H–6-0

Triple jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Brendan Devereaux (F), Rider Carlson (MG). D–40-1

Shot put: Kael Collver (F), Henry Eckert (F), Ryan Lockwood (MG). D–37-9.5

Discus: Henry Eckert (F), Kael Collver (F), Brennan Moore (MG). D–106-9

Pole vault: Dylan Moore (MG), Jon Nocero (MG). H–9-0


3,200m relay: Frewsburg (Brionna Dumaine, Charlotte Lombardo, Grace Gilevski, Audrey Eckwahl). T–11:18.9

100m hurdles: Sydney Simmons (MG), Elli Seiberg (F), Adri Lombardo (MG). T–17.5

100m: Gracie Conlan (F), Mackenzie Wadsworth (MG), Sopheia Nelson-Bennett (F). T–13.6

1,500m: Lily Elliss (MG), Audrey Eckwahl (F), Mae Benedetto (MG). T–5:33.9

400m relay: Maple Grove (Journey Johnson, Claire Price, Adri Lombardo, Mackenzie Wadsworth). T–58.2

400m: Sopheia Nelson-Bennett (F), Evelyn Fessell (MG), Presleigh Haines (MG). T–1:09.4

400m hurdles: Sydney Simmons (MG), Charlie Lombardo (F), Lily Bohall (MG). T–1:22.5

800m: Audrey Eckwahl (F), Lily Elliss (MG), Mae Benedetto (MG). T–2:46.9

200m: Elli Seiberg (F), Gracie Conlan (F), Adri Lombardo (MG). T–29.5

3,000m: Evelyn Fessell (MG), Grace Gilevski (F), Lily Bohall (MG). T–12:53.9

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Adri Lombardo, Lily Elliss, Journey Johnson, Presleigh Haines). T–4:45.4

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Presleigh Haines (MG), Mackenzie Wadsworth (MG). D–16-5

High jump: Sydney Simmons (MG), Elli Seiberg (F), Sydney Frederes (F). H–4-8

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Elayna Pitts (F). D–31-5

Shot put: Rebekka Roberts (MG), Brea Rubrecht (F), Claire Price (MG). D–25-11

Discus: Brea Rubrecht (F), Claire Price (MG), Cambria Fiorella (MG). D–86-9

Pole vault: Elayna Pitts (F), Desi Putt (MG). H–7-6


SILVER CREEK — Leah Mays and Ingrid Gibson were both double winners for Silver Creek/Forestville in a 67-58 girls Senior Night victory over Gowanda in Division 2 action.

Mays took the 1,500 meters (5:25.4) and 800 meters (2:35.7), while Gibson won the triple jump (30-1.5) and discus (80-6) for the Black Knights.

Rhianna Woods claimed the 100 meters (13.4) and 200 meters (28.3) for the Panthers.

In the boys meet, Chase Bolen and Maddox Hudson were double winners for Gowanda in a 66-52 victory.

Bolen captured the 1,600 meters (5:19.9) and 3,200 meters (10:53.3), while Hudson took the high jump (5-6) and long jump (15-10.125) for the Panthers.


3,200m relay: Gowanda (Jason Twoguns, Derek Milne, Maddox Hudson, Chase Bolen). T–10:27.7

100m: Cam Ingram (SC/F), Matt Gawron (SC/F), Evan Fort (G). T–11.9

1,600m: Chase Bolen (G), Jayson Twoguns (G), Ben Bock (SC/F). T–5:19.9

400m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (Cam Ingram, Owen Lewis, David Barrett, Matt Gawron) T–48.9

400m: Marcus Gamble (G), Mike Grisanti (SC/F), Connor Prince-Rivera (SC/F). T–59.4

800m: Ben Bock (SC/F), Jayson Twoguns (G), Cody Ramirez (SC/F). T–2:14.3

200m: Matt Gawron (SC/F), Evan Fort (G), Cam Ingram (SC/F). T–25.1

3,200m: Chase Bolen (G), Owen Farner (G), Nate Cross (SC/F). T–10:53.3

Shot put: Matt Dunn (SC/F), Kevin Murawski (SC/F), Bobby Roth (SC/F). D–38-7

Discus: Kevin Murawski (SC/F), Aiden Ackley (G), Matt Dunn (SC/F). D–101-1

Pole vault: Michael Horth (G). H–N/A

High jump: Maddox Hudson (G), Jayson Twoguns (G), Dave Barrett (SC/F). H–5-6

Triple jump: Derek Milne (G), JJ Whipple (G). D–31-7.625

Long jump: Maddox Hudson (G), Nolan Maude (G), Derek Milne (G). D–15-10.125

1,600m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (Sam Bowers, Owen Lewis, Mike Grisanti, Ben Bock). T–3:59.8


100m hurdles: Liz Malek (G), Molly Shaw (SC/F), Jaylynn Elliott (G). T–18.2

100m: Rhianna Woods (G), Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Avery Wilson (G). T–13.4

1,500m: Leah Mays (SC/F), Calie Hudson (G). T–5:25.4

400m: Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Emily Bain (SC/F), Alexia Harvey (G). T–1:05.7

400m hurdles: Molly Shaw (SC/F). T–1:21.5

800m: Leah Mays (SC/F). T–2:35.7

200m: Rhianna Woods (G), Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Emily Bain (SC/F). T–28.3

3,000m: Calie Hudson (G), Leah Mays (SC/F). T–11:39.5

400m relay: Gowanda (AWilson, AHarvey, LMalek, RWoods). T–57.3

1,600m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (MShaw, EBain, CGenovese, LMays). T–4:46

3,200m relay: Gowanda (BDeGolier, KFarner, AMuenzer, CHudson). T–N/A

Long jump: Alyssa Ruzycki (G), Octavia Williams (G), Destiny Golden (G). D–12-1

Triple jump: Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Destiny Golden (G), Alyssa Ruzycki (G). D–30-1.5

High jump: Bella DeGolier (G), Rachael Beadle (SC/F). H–4-9

Shot put: Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Jillian Grupa (SC/F), Katrina Lester (SC/F). D–31-1

Discus: Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Abby Gawron (SC/F). D–80-6


MAYVILLE — Johnee Thomas and Jaylen McMichael were double winners for Dunkirk in a 84-52 boys victory over Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton.

Thomas captured the 400 meters (50.9) and 200 meters (23.2), while McMichael claimed the long jump (19-5.25) and triple jump (38-4.25) for the Marauders.

In the girls meet, Jada Cole was a triple winner as the Eagles beat Dunkirk 107-32.

Cole took the 200 meters (27.8), high jump (5-4) and triple jump (31-1.5) for Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton.


3,200m relay: Dunkirk (JThomas, NLawrie, NCarlson, MHanlon. T–9:43.3

110m hurdles: XZerbey (CL/W/B), GGresh (CL/W/B), DRojas (CL/W/B). T–21.3

100m: NCarlson (D), NJacobson (CL/W/B), MHorvath (CL/W/B). T–11.5

1,600m: EJourdan (D), ZWolfe (CL/W/B), LSmith (CL/W/B). T–5:16.7

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (NJacobson, CPaternosh, IStoughton, MHorvath). T–48.2

400m: JThomas (D), NTuah (CL/W/B), RYerico (D). T–50.9

400m hurdles: MHanlon (D), GGresh (CL/W/B). T–1:00.6

800m: LLawrie (D), EJourdan (D), PFelt (D). T–2:07.8

200m: JThomas (D), NCarlson (D), MHanlon (D). T–23.2

3,200m: LSmith (CL/W/B), ZBraun (CL/W/B), TTunison (CL/W/B). T–12:45.6

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (MHanlon, NCarlson, JThomas, LLawrie). T–3:41.2

Long jump: JMcMichael (D), GYeriel (D), CSwanson (CL/W/B). D–19-5.25

Triple jump: JMcMichael (D), MHorvath (CL/W/B), YGutierrez (D). D–38-4.25

Discus: CJakubowicz (D), JSeek (D), RMallom (D). D–121-8.5

Shot put: RMallon (D), CJakubowicz (D), YAbuhmeidan (CL/W/B). D–41-0.5

High jump: YAbuhmeidan (CL/W/B), KTell (D), JGaines (D). H–5-4

Pole vault: MMacAvoy (CL/W/B). H–5-0


3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Sophia Wolfe, Olivia Wolfe, Eve Kushmaul, Lydia Kushmaul).T–13:02

100m hurdles: Kim Delcamp (CL/W/B), Noli Paddock (CL/W/B). T–20.7

100m: Khloe Munson (D), Kim Delcamp (CL/W/B), Amilear Centens (D). T–13.6

1,500m: Meredith Lendt (CL/W/B), Hanan Mohamad Navarez (D), Danielle Felt (D). T–5:52.4

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Quinn Putney, Megan Blakeslee, Avery Cannon, Jada Cole). T–53.9

400m: Centens (D), Meredith Lendt (CL/W/B), Kylie Post (CL/W/B). T–1:06.1

400m hurdles: Eve Kushmaul (CL/W/B), Hazel Bach (D), Kim Delcamp (CL/W/B). T–1:16.6

800m: Navarez (D), Cannon (CL/W/B) Meredith Lendt (CL/W/B). T–2:45.8

200m: Cole (CL/W/B), Blakeslee (CL/W/B) Munson (D). T–27.8

3,000m: LKushmaul (CL/W/B), Navarez (D). T–13:14.2

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Putney, Blakeslee, Olivia Wolfe, Eve Kushmaul). T–4:44.4

High jump: Cole (CL/W/B), Olivia Wolfe (CL/W/B), Katelyn Emhardt (CL/W/B). H–5-4

Long jump: Savannah Horvath (CL/W/B), Olivia Wolfe (CL/W/B), Cannon (CL/W/B). D–14-10.5

Triple jump: Cole (CL/W/B), Sophia Wolfe (CL/W/B), Eve Kushmaul (CL/W/B). D–31.1.5

Shot put: Mia Smith (CL/W/B), Paige Zarpentine (CL/W/B), Putney (CL/W/B). D–27-1.5

Discus: Evie Woodis (CL/W/B), PZarpentine (CL/W/B), Felicity Hucyk (CL/W/B). D–61-9

Pole vault: Felicity Cooper (D), Quinn Putney (CL/W/B), PZarpentine (CL/W/B). H–7-6


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