Kempo Karate belt advancements

Submitted Photo Pictured, from left, are: Master Sensei Matteson, Sensei Ahmad Mohamad, Kohai Malachi Douglas, Kohai Aaron Curls, Kohai Andrew Green, Sensei Jacob Overstreet and Master Joe Los.

Last Wednesday, Kohai Andrew Green advanced to his yellow belt, Kohai Aaron Curls advanced to his yellow belt and Kohai Malachi Douglas advanced to his blue belt through The Family Martial Arts Center and the Kempo Karate Organization. While building confidence and character skills in this journey, each student has met several individual challenges which include weapons training, ground defense training, physical conditioning, hand-to-hand defensive and offensive training, and many other techniques and aspects of the Martial Arts. They have shown a large improvement in their growth and commitment at The Family Martial Arts Center. For more details about The Family Martial Arts Center & The Karate Kidz Zone, call 716-672-6683 or log on to www.thefamilymartialartscenter.com. As always, the first week is free.


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