Two Erie County legislators oppose wind turbines on lake

Erie County Legislators John Mills and Lynne Dixon have introduced a resolution in opposition to the installation of wind turbines on Lake Erie in the Town of Evans. While there are no confirmed plans to install a wind turbine farm as of now, Town of Evans officials recently met with a company interested in a potential project to try to gather more information as the water is not within the jurisdiction of the Town of Evans. Over the years, similar proposals have drawn opposition and concerns from residents living near the lake.

Legislator Mills said, “I don’t think this is a good project for the community. Research has indicated windmills disturb bird migration patterns and could impact fishing waters. With Lake Erie as our largest natural resource, we must protect our waters and our wildlife. I plan to continue conversations with our local leaders to ensure residents’ voices are heard. I thank everyone who has reached out to my office and I stand with those in opposition to this potential project.”

Legislator Dixon said, “My office has received many complaints and concerns regarding the possible installation of a wind turbine farm. It is important we do not allow state officials to rush a project like this ahead without first listening to residents’ concerns. Wind turbines would be disruptive to wildlife and the many individuals who enjoy our waterfront on a regular basis. There needs to be more conversation and environmental impact studies before moving forward. I was involved in this conversation in 2010 when I represented Evans as a Legislator. I opposed any offshore windmill project then, and I oppose it now.”


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