Silver Creek eyeing safety upgrades

SILVER CREEK — As the Village Board looks to make improvements, three things that need attention in the future are security cameras, crosswalks and emergency response technology.

In regard to security cameras, the main area of focus is in the park downtown in the village, and near surrounding streets. Trustee Stephen Romanik said at the Village Board meeting this week that he recently met with representatives from DFT Communication about overhauling the whole system. “We’re looking at scrapping the current system and upgrading to a new system,” Romanik said. “We should be getting a quote sometime in the next week or so.”

The locations Romanik listed for improved security include North Main Street and Central Avenue, among other locations. In April, there were several acts of vandalism throughout the Village. One of the possible solutions being explored was implementing cameras in different locations in an effort to catch whoever was committing these acts, though Monday night’s discussion did not reference those incidents.

As for the crosswalks, Trustee Marv Cummings said there are a few in need of re-painting. The ones specifically located on Route 5 and 20, and on Hanover Street should be redone before the fall. Cummings said he’s spoken to the person in charge of the paint crew, and the guy in charge of the actual painting.

Cummings also said the emergency squad is looking to get internet access in both ambulances in the village.

“What they’re looking for is to speed up the response and transport,” Cummings said. “It takes them a while to do their paperwork, so they’re looking at doing it on the way to the hospital and on the way back.”

Cummings said they will bring on a modem to connect to the county system, which should alleviate these issues. The technology being used is similar to what the county medics and sheriff’s cars already have access to. Cummings is hopeful this will be completed sometime within the next 60 days.


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