Solar farm left up to Hanover Board for ruling

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Dan Compitello, Project Developer for Delaware River Solar, LLC, presented the site plans for a proposed solar farm on Hanover Road to the Hanover Town Board in late August.

HANOVER — The fate of a proposed solar farm in the Town of Hanover is now in the board’s hands.

The Town Board recently received responses from the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and from the Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Development regarding a proposed solar farm located at 12171 Hanover Road, operated by Delaware River Solar, LLC.

The 2.7 Megawatt AC solar farm is located on a 61.3 acre parcel of agricultural land and young growth forest, of which 13.98 acres will be utilized for the project. After the Town Board balked at substantial variance requests, the developers reconfigured the design of the project to fit within each of the town’s specifications.

The DEC concurred with the town’s decision to act as lead agency for the project, while the County Planning Board determined the project is a matter of local concern. Each entity offered points for consideration for the town to review.

The Town Board will now deliberate regarding the project, which already held a public hearing in late August. The board can now choose to accept or deny the project’s request for site plan approval at any point during an official town meeting.

In other matters of the Town Board’s concern, American Rescue Plan Act funds were approved to be utilized for a pair of purchases through B & R Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, of Gowanda.

The town approved the purchase of two complete shower units for the Town Bathhouse from for the total cost of $2,586.98, as well as the purchase and installation of automatic toilet and urinal valves for the Boat Launch bathrooms for a total cost of $4,962.60.According to Town Councilman Ed Schintzius, the showers had not been replaced or maintained since the bathhouse was constructed. The waterlines ruptured and led to flooding of the bathhouse.

“A number of people have talked about this, so that’s why we’re doing this. Fortunately, it will be covered by ARPA money,” Schintzius said. “… It’s just been something long overdue.”Additionally, the town accepted the resignation of Town of Hanover Sewer Department worker Kevin Weiskerger. To address his departure along with a previous vacancy, the town is actively seeking two full-time Water and Wastewater Attendants.

The town also received notice that the Allegany Road railroad crossing will be closed for repairs through Friday.


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