FBI seeks to round up stolen artworks depicting Old West

By KAREN MATTHEWS, Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — The FBI is seeking the public’s help in rounding up more than half a million dollars’ worth of artworks that were stolen in 1983 from the New York City home of an artist known for his scenes of the American West.
The 91-year-old artist, Gregory Perillo, said Friday that the break-in at his Staten Island home was “heartbreaking.” Perillo says the artworks were stolen when he and his wife, Mary, were away for the weekend.
FBI Special Agent Christopher McKeogh says one of the stolen pieces, a bronze sculpture of an Indian on a horse, was recovered in 2011 from a garbage bin about a mile from Perillo’s home.
McKeogh says the other artworks may be in the possession of individuals who don’t realize they were stolen.