Westfield Middle School Students of the Month for May and June

Jeminy Houser

Three students were selected as a Student of the Month for the month of May: Jeminy Houser was chosen as the sixth grade Student of the Month. Jeminy’s favorite classes are math, social studies, technology, and art. She also enjoys drawing and has an interest in learning about dinosaurs and animals. In the future, Jeminy hopes to attend college to earn a degree in Paleontology and study dinosaurs.

Aaliyah Winslow was the Student of the Month for seventh grade. Aaliyah’s favorite subject is math, because it is a strength for her. She plays soccer, which she started when she was about 6 years old, and after completing high school, she will attend college.

In eighth grade, Sydney Switzer was the Student of the Month for May. Sydney’s favorite class in school is art, because she is creative and likes drawing and painting. Outside of school, she likes going to Stateline Speedway and the Lake Erie Speedway. She also enjoys spending time with her dogs and goats. In the future, Sydney would like to go to an art college.

The Middle School Students of the Month for June were:

Yandel Cuadra Morales was selected for sixth grade. Yandel moved here from Puerto Rico in October, and his favorite school subject is math (which he says is very different in PR than it is here). Outside of school, Yandel likes to spend time with his baby sister, playing games, and he also likes hanging out with friends and playing video games. After graduating from high school, he would like to find a career that will allow him to help people in need, maybe as a social worker or community activist.

Connor Graham was the seventh grade Student of the Month for June. In school, Connor’s favorite subjects are ELA and Math, because he likes those teachers the best. Connor has fun playing yard football with his friends, and in the future, he would like to become a sports announcer or a mechanic.

In eighth grade, Katelyn Booth was named “Student of the Month” for June. She likes solving math equations, and she also likes learning about history. Outside of school, Katelyn plays volleyball, basketball, track and field, and also enjoys horseback riding. Katelyn has many interests, and knows she will attend college after high school, but has not decided on her field of study yet.