Meals on Wheels

February hot noon meal

27 Goulash, carrots, biscuit, peaches

28 Scalloped potatoes and ham, broccoli, bread, vegetable juice, fruit crisp

March hot noon meal

1 Tuna noodle casserole, stewed tomatoes, pineapple juice, roll, chiffon gelatin

2 Spaghetti and meatballs, tossed salad, bread, tropical fruit

3 Lemon pepper fish, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, bread, applesauce

Evening cold meal menu

27 Salami and cheese sandwich, potato salad, cereal bar

28 Sliced turkey sandwich, macaroni salad, fruit cocktail

Evening cold meal menu

1 Sliced roast beef sandwich, Asian coleslaw, apricots

2 Chicken salad sandwich, orange juice, pudding

3 Cold meatloaf sandwich, three-bean salad, cookie