Chautauqua Nursing & Rehab Center launches ‘Fond Farewell’

Submitted Photo A “fond farewell” was held Jan. 24 to recognize and celebrate successful sub-acute rehab resident Lorraine Withington.

It is no secret that the term ‘nursing home’ has a stigma attached to it, said Director of Volunteer Services Jonelle Frazier. “Yes, we are providing skilled nursing but we are also focusing on rehabilitation. It’s not merely a piece of our name but a part of our mission.”

“For all of the good that can be found in today’s nursing homes, there are still always opportunities for improvement,” commented Jodi Charlton, RN, director of nursing. CNRC administrative staff put their heads together and brainstormed the challenge. They noted that upon admission to the facility each resident is presented with a “welcome basket” full of goodies and essentials new admissions might find useful during their stay. Aside from being able to discharge home (the ultimate goal), how about a “fond farewell.” A “fond farewell” means that although you may not see that person for a long time or ever again you are wishing them well, or blessing their future because of fondness that you have shared with them in the recent past. Literally 24 hours later, on the afternoon of Jan. 24, CNRC rolled out its very first “fond farewell” to recognize and celebrate successful sub-acute rehab resident Lorraine Withington.

Withington was admitted to CNRC for sub-acute rehab earlier in the month after a hospital stay due to flu and pneumonia. “I was so sick!” recalled Withington.

Like most of the aging population the deconditioning experienced following a hospital stay or surgery is distressing. Withington paused as she reflected on her time spent at CNRC. “One thing that really stood out to me is that the therapy staff is truly a cohesive unit. They are a team and they were just excellent! My PTs and OTs helped me identify and work toward realistic goals, as simple as some of them might have seemed, such as standing up straight. They made a real difference.”

She continued by commenting on the facility itself which she noted “Is a nice atmosphere overall. It’s very clean, the alcoves at the end of the hallways of the Rehab unit have quaint seating areas to visit with friends and families. The location of the facility lends itself to a nice view of nature which is very relaxing.”

Withington successfully discharged to her home, Fredonia Place, the Assisted Living Facility where she has been residing for the last five years, after spending nearly three weeks focusing on feeling better and meeting her therapy goals. Each admission is evaluated and care planned to have person center nursing and rehabilitation goals. People tend to mend faster when their goals are reflective of their previous lifestyle.

“We will continue to embrace every opportunity to exceed expectations,” said Colleen Hart, CNRC administrator. “This includes not only maintaining, but also improving the quality of life for all of our residents.”

Admittedly, there’s a little bit of pandemonium involved in these “fond farewells” but only three weeks out the response has been overwhelming! It is safe to assume that success is more fun when you have people to share it with. CNRC invites you to follow them on Facebook (search Chautauqua Nursing & Rehabilitation Center) to see what all of the hype is about.