People’s Column

Westfield needs to recycle


I would like a review of garbage and recycling guidelines in the town and village of Westfield.

We have the new pickup schedule, but I don’t recall seeing what we can and cannot recycle for some time. I understand glass will be picked up at the curb, but cannot be recycled at the transfer station on Bourne Street. I have been told everything from Bourne Street goes into the county landfill, and is not separated.

For those of us who can use pickup or Bourne Street, it would help to know what goes where. I feel recycling is important, and we all should be doing whatever we can.



Careless driver did damage


On Jan. 12, at some point during the evening or early morning hours, my vehicle, that was parked near 317 Lord St., was hit by a careless driver. My driver’s side mirror was knocked off, and left dangling.

No note was left by the responsible party, leaving me with an out of pocket repair bill of $200. I would appreciate that the person who hit my car, come forward and contact me, and cover the damage done to my vehicle. Please, do the right thing!

If anyone has information about this incident, please contact or call 366-5486 or the Dunkirk Police Department at 366-2266.