Cherry Creek volunteer fireman honored for 59 years of service

Submitted Photo Tom Rabb of Silver Creek VFW Post 5472, award-winner Raymond Sheldon Sr. of Pine Valley VFW Post 2522 of Cherry Creek and Marcello Rotunda (J.R.) of Jamestown VFW Post 53.

At the Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department banquet June 2, Raymond L. Sheldon, Sr. was honored for his service of 35 years of as an officer from Fire Chief to Fire Police, and a member of 59 years in the Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

When he went to the VFW Auxiliary State Convention June 6 to 10, the State of New York VFW honored Raymond L. Sheldon, Sr.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States VFW National Firefighter award of the year was awarded to Raymond L. Sheldon, Sr. “in recognition and utmost appreciation of his dedication and selfless service to the Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

During Raymond Sheldon Sr.’s outstanding career, he has displayed an exceptional record of exemplary and courageous service to the community and to the nation. His extraordinary commitment in keeping with the esteemed core values and traditions of the firefighter profession, further manifested by the high degree of admiration and respect of both his peers and the local public he serves.

Raymond L. Sheldon, Sr. is truly a role model to all firefighters and this honor reflects the proudest ideals of the veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

In witness whereof, we have here unto set our hands and the official seal of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.”

Keith E. Harman, Commander-in-Chief; Brian Duffy, Adjutant General.