Grange Fair booth honors Fredonia Farm Festival

The Fredonia Grange fair booth at the recently completed Chautauqua County Fair and yet to be seen Erie County Fair commemorates the Golden Anniversary or 50 years of continuous activity for this event which features crafts, entertainment and family fun at Fredonia’s Barker Common. Fair booth Chairman Tom Hebeisen thanks all who assisted with the project, especially Grange President and his wife; Mark and Jen Mackey for material reproduction, Doug and Julie Nelson, along with Dave and Vivian Larson for artwork, and the Walt and Lisa Sedlemeyer family for knit and sewing crafts.

The display features enlargements of early festival program book covers as well as essays by the late Bill Kelly and Tom Hebeisen concerning the significance of the event. Accompanying the exhibit are photos of past parades and former festival queens, a feature which is no longer part of the program. The toy tractor with trailer filled with plastic fruit along with the wooden carved pumpkin beside it recognizes the efforts of farmers in their efforts to boost the area’s economy and also provide full-time and seasonal employment to many.

At the heart of the exhibit rests a poster with an American Flag beneath which lies a photo of an apple and a pie with the caption “Fredonia Farm Festival American as apple pie.” Finally the poster exhibited in the driver’s seat of the toy tractor titled “YOU” invites “YOU” to participate in the festival as a volunteer through Facebook or speak with someone from the committee at the gazebo during the event.