Cheerleaders participate at Eastern Regional Cheerleading Camp

The Hott-Shot All-Star Cheerleaders Senior Level 3 and Youth Level 2 competitive cheerleading teams recently participated and competed at the Universal Cheerleaders Association Eastern Regional Cheerleading camp and Regional qualifier. The UCA Cheer camp was held at the Pocono Mountains Pine Forest Cheerleading camp which is the largest cheer camp in the United States.

The cheerleading team members participated in classes specifically designed to improve a cheerleaders skill level in the areas of dance, tumbling, jumps and group stunts. The team was housed in a cabin in the woods and attended classes in gymnasiums, amphitheatres and specially designed athletic fields. The daily classes taught the cheerleaders new advanced skills and provided workshops and activities for team building. The camp instructors emphasis on cheerleaders learning to trust each other while building stunts in addition to learning how to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. The last day of the camp is reserved for evaluation and competition. The Hott-Shot Youth team earned first place in the dance division and second place in the cheer division and had the highest overall score in their division. The Hott-Shot Senior All-Star team competed in the Camp Extreme Routine division and placed second in the dance competition and fifth in the cheer division. Their efforts earn the team a bid to the UCA National Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida.

UCA also offers an individual All-American competition for individual cheerleaders to present their best skills to a panel of judges. 216 cheerleaders entered the competition to become a UCA All-American and competed against other cheerleaders in their age group and performed a cheer, dance and best jump. Zoe Loeb, Maya Vecchio, Kassidy Incitto, Abby Roth and Kara Vecchio earned All-American honors and received gold medals for their efforts.

The final evening of camp ended with the traditional camp talent show, the Hott-Shots performed a high energy hip-hop dance to show off their many talents to the song “Go With it.”

The oldest All-Star Cheerleading team in Chautauqua County, the Hott-Shots began practicing for the summer season in June with conditioning, tumbling, stunting and dance classes in addition to team practice sessions. The teams are coached by Jenna Mansfield, Mariah Wojciechowski and Marci Williams-Hadley. The Senior team captain is Zoe Loeb.