Chautauqua Lake Central School names their Students of the Month

Pictured are the Chautauqua Lake Central School Students of the Month for March. From left: Jewel Middleton, Liam Thompson, Danielle Lanphere, Kaitlyn Ranney, Hannah Group and Jakob Parker.

Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for March achievements, are Jewel Middleton, Liam Thompson, Danielle Lanphere, Kaitlyn Ranney, Hannah Group, and Jakob Parker. The student recognition program honors students in grades 7 through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic, and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Jewel Middleton is the daughter of Jennifer and Chris Hawkins of Ripley. Physics, English 12, AP Environmental Science and Human Anatomy are the classes she enjoys the most this year. Jewel has competed on the Science Olympiad team as a sophomore and again as a senior. This year she also was an active member of the National Honor Society and participated in the peer mentoring program. She did compete on the school’s soccer team from her freshman through her junior year. Jewel is consistently on the honor roll. Outside of school, Jewel enjoys drawing and painting, reading, running, walking in the woods, volunteering for the Ripley Food Giveaway and playing board games. When asked what historical person she admires, Jewel stated George Washington because “he was the commander in chief of the Revolutionary War. He won our freedom from Great Britain. After the war he immediately resigned and returned home. He didn’t care to have a lot of power. He became our first president and he improved our country the most.” Jewel will be attending SUNY Oswego next year which she said “is my dream college.” She will be majoring in zoology with plans to become either a zoologist, zookeeper, game warden/conservation officer or an exotic veterinary technician.

Liam John Thompson, son of William and Lorraine Stroup of Mayville, is a junior who names U.S. History as his favorite class this year because “of the stories Mr. Morton tells us and his positive attitude.” Liam is an active participant in the Impact Club. He has frequently been on the merit and honor roll. Outside of school, Liam enjoys fishing, reading and participating in Chautauqua County Footsteps. In history, Liam most admires Jesus “because of his action and his teaching of good morals and values.” If he could be another person for a day, Liam would like to be “whoever invented social media so that I could decide that it would have a negative impact on society.” After high school, Liam is planning on joining the U.S. Army to train as a medic before going to college to become a surgeon.

Sophomore Danielle Lanphere, daughter of Kim Pfadt of Ripley, selects Advanced Health and Geometry as her favorite classes this year. Danielle is her class president this year. She will be representing Chautauqua Lake at the HOBY conference in Rochester this spring. Outside of school, Danielle enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching Netflix, and camping and kayaking. When asked what historical person she admires, Danielle said Anne Frank because “through everything that she went through in her life, she came out on top and her legacy still teaches people today.” If Danielle could be another person for a day, she would choose Kristen Bell because “she has a very good sense of humor and she does so much good for tons of people in the world.” After high school, Danielle plans on going to college, but she is still undecided between being a surgeon or going into speech language pathology.

Kaitlyn Ranney, a freshman, is the daughter of Robert, Jr., and Tammy Ranney of Dewittville. She enjoys math class the most this year. Kaitlyn enjoys participating in the CLCS Art Club. Outside of school, Kaitlyn enjoys playing with her puppy and spending time with her family and friends. When asked what person she admires, Kaitlyn named her Aunt Lisa because “she does computer programming.” For a day, Kaitlyn would like to be Donna Hamrick because “she does not speak her mind and she is quiet.” Kaitlyn’s future plans include working on computers.

Eighth grader Hannah Group is the daughter of Rob and Jessica Group of Mayville. She enjoys science class the most this year. As a seventh grader, Hannah competed on the swim team and the modified basketball and softball teams. This year, Hannah competed on the modified volleyball and basketball teams and the JV softball team, as well as participating in Cheetah volleyball. Outside of school, Hannah enjoys horseback riding. One person she admires the most in history is Caroline Earle White because “she worked to better the lives of animals. She was an animal advocate, and I admire that.” Hannah’s future plans include going to college to become a teacher.

Jakob William Lane Parker, a seventh grader, is son of Justin and Erin Parker of Mayville. This year, Jakob enjoys science and band the most. Jakob has been very busy in seventh grade. He competed on the modified football, track and wrestling teams. He also participated for a third year in ski club and performed in the high school musical ‘Once Upon a Mattress.’ Outside of school, Jakob volunteers with the Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club working on trails; he also enjoys hunting, fishing, snowboarding and playing video games. When asked what historical figure he most admires, Jakob said Martin Luther King, Jr., because “he fought for equal rights.” His future plans include pursuing a career in auto mechanics.

Teacher Tara Reyda coordinates the secondary school Student of the Month recognition program with the help of a selection committee, which includes teachers Michelle Rowe and Joyce Walzer.


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