Gowanda Elementary Students of the Month

Anthony Willover
Owen Bodekor
Titus Beaver

To promote a positive community, Gowanda Elementary School emphasizes specific core values each month. GES is proud to spotlight the following Students of the Month who “got caught” displaying kindness to fellow classmates in March 2019.

Kindergartner Anthony Willover, a student in the classroom of Mrs. Stearns, got caught moving his chair over to make room for his friend at circle time. That was very kind and considerate of you, Anthony!

First-grader Owen Bodekor, a student in the classroom of Mrs. Setter, got caught being kind when he gave a friend his PAW Store toy after his friend’s toy broke. Your kindness is appreciated, Owen!

Fourth-grader Titus Beaver, a student in the classroom of Ms. Robbins, got caught displaying kindness by being patient and helpful to his classmates. Thank you, Titus, good job!


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