RIT recognizes Silver Creek trio

From left, Christopher VanCheri, Olivia Zbytek and Bridgette Ewing pose with the Black Knight in the lobby of Silver Creek High School.

SILVER CREEK – Silver Creek Central Schools District is proud to announce the recipient of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Innovation and Creativity Award and the recipients of the Computing Medal Awards.

Christopher VanCheri is the sole recipient of the RIT Innovation and Creativity Award, which honors his accomplishments as a student, his involvements within the school and community and his creative and innovative talents. He is the son of Chris and Elizabeth VanCheri.

Bridgette Ewing and Olivia Zbytek are the recipients of the RIT Computing Medal Awards, which honor their academic accomplishments, school and community involvements and their computing abilities. Bridgette is the daughter of Kristin and Carl Ewing. Olivia is the daughter of Scott and Jennifer Zbytek.

Should these students pursue their education at RIT, they will be awarded an $8,000 annual scholarship.


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