Westfield Middle School Students of the Month

Pictured are from left to right are the Students of the Month for April: Cameron Paternosh, Addison Luce and Lenna Bearce.

On a monthly basis, Westfield Middle School honors one student at each grade level as the Student of the Month. Teachers and staff had the opportunity to nominate one student who they believed met the following criteria: 1. Follows Westfield’s Rules of Respect for staff and peers. 2. Shows outstanding effort and improvement or shows achievement and consistent high scores on tests, quizzes and projects. 3. Prepared daily to participate in all classes. 4. Serves as a positive role model for peers. 5. Demonstrates a positive attitude and good citizenship.

Three students were selected as a Student of the Month for the month of April:

In 6th grade, Addison Luce was selected as Student of the Month. Addison’s favorite subjects in school are math, science, and band, because she really likes the teachers of those classes. Outside of school, Addison is a competitive swimmer, and in the future, she hopes to go to college to become a teacher.

For 7th grade, Cameron Paternosh was chosen. Math and PE are his favorite school subjects, because he likes the challenge of math and being active in PE. Outside of school, Cameron is a runner, and likes pushing himself to get better and faster. In the future, he would like to graduate at the top of his class, and attend college to become a pediatrician.

Lenna Bearce was chosen as the 8th grade Student of the Month for April. Lenna’s favorite subject is Science, because she finds it to be the easiest for her. Lenna likes nature, and enjoys camping with her family. In the future, she hopes to find a career where she is able to work with children.


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