Jamestown Community College May graduates

Jamestown Community College has announced the names of students who are degree and certificate candidates for graduation in May.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on large public gatherings, traditional commencement ceremonies for JCC’s May 2020 graduates are postponed until December and will be held on JCC’s Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses.

“JCC’s commencement is always a significant event for our students,” said JCC president Daniel DeMarte. “They work extremely hard, and many overcome significant challenges to obtain a college education. This year, in particular, we are applauding students for the determined manner in which they adjusted to changes brought on by the COVID-19 situation to achieve their academic goals.”

Local candidates include:

Brocton: Candice Polvino (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Cassadaga: Sara Briggs (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education), Gerald Carr (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Luisa Fanara (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science and A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Cortney Vahl (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Cherry Creek: Kelly Easterly (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Kaitlyn Hoth (A.A.S.: Nursing), Trent Mihalko (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Tracey Swan (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Dunkirk: Courtney Bailey (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education), Julia Bennett (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Alayna Carlson (A.A.S.: Nursing), Ebony Crawford (A.A.S.: Human Services), Genesis Diaz (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Alyshah Flores (Certificate: Healthcare Studies), Mackenzie Gugino (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Kathryn Harrington (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), JoElla Lane (A.S.: Environmental Science), Kevin Lidlow (A.S.: Communication), Amy Mohart (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Shelby Mooradian (A.A.S.: Nursing), Gabriella Morris (A.S.: Individual Studies), Tiwallace Perry (A.S.: Individual Studies), Elijah Roman (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Jordyn Salgado (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Isabella Surma (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Cierra Vasquez (A.S.: Individual Studies), Alysha Wilson (A.S.: Human Services and Certificate: Addictions Counseling)

Forestville: Andrew Flowers (A.A.S.: Individual Studies, Certificate: Machine Tool Technology, and Certificate: Welding Technology), Kyle Goodrich (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Jessica Howes (A.S.: Human Services), Brandon Vanzile (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Fredonia: Katherine Banach (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education), Stephanie Buck (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Christina DeLong (A.A.S.: Early Childhood), Adrienne Dietrich (A.A.S.: Nursing), Alison Galardo (A.S.: Human Services, Jeffrey Gardner (Certificate: Health Information Technology), Michaela Geffert (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Rachel Johnson (A.A.S.: Nursing), Clarissa LaBorde (Certificate: Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control), Grace Pucciarelli (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Marshall Roberts-Payne (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Sociology), Colton Rolling (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Kimberlee Sobilo (A.A.S.: Nursing), Andrew Walker (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Lisa Walker (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Adam Wasiura (A.S.: Sport Management), Chelsea Wolfe (Certificate: Law Enforcement Technology), July Woolson-Pines (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts)

Gerry: Jared Chadwick (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Gowanda: Cassondra Conklin (A.A.S.: Nursing), Kelsey Eddy (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Mayville: Sylvia Karalus (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education), Autumn Shuskie (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology), Collin Wood (A.S.: Communication), Jesse Zenns (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology)

Perrysburg: Megan Gominiak (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Ripley: Alyssa Maas (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Silver Creek: Brooke Birner (A.A.S.: Nursing), Taylor Farley (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Joana Leamon (A.S.: Media Arts and Certificate: Multimedia Production), Harold Nichols (A.S.: Media Arts), Sonia Pearl (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Cameron Steeprock (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police)

Sinclairville: Bryan Clark (A.S.: Individual Studies), Jennifer Diers (A.A.S.: Nursing), Levi Moore (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Rebekah Nickerson (A.S.: Human Services), Diman Smith (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education)

South Dayton: Cassandra Kelly (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Stockton: Carter Moore (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Daniel Torres (A.S.: Criminal Justice)

Westfield: Madyson Abbey (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Kailee Barber (Certificate: Healthcare Studies), Ashley Burgess (A.A.S.: Nursing), Emily Colt (A.A.S.: Early Childhood), Olivia Knapp (A.A.S.: Nursing), Emmily Nelson (A.S.: Communication), Nicholas Presto (A.S.: Engineering Science)


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