Bird Club to meet Monday

The Lake Erie Bird Club will meet Monday at 7 p.m. in the BOCES LoGuidice Center, Fredonia-Stockton Road, Fredonia.

Dr. Terry Mosher will present the program for the evening with an illustrated introduction to eBird, using the new projection equipment in the meeting room. It will include the following: showing people how to join eBird, how to submit records or explore a region, etc. It will be fun looking at a few backyard and harbor lists and a few of Gale Verhague’s lists that include photos. eBird is a great way to learn about birds. In addition the reports that are entered on eBird provide valuable information for research and conservation. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to submit reports on eBird. Guests are always welcome to attend the meetings.

Thirty-two members attended the December meeting conducted by Dr. Mosher. Joanne Goetz provided information about the Audubon Christmas Bird Count held on January 1, 2019. Members shared recent bird sightings from around the Dunkirk Harbor and other local areas.

The evening was an open discussion by club members of their experiences with and tips for winter bird feeding. They shared many suggestions on what seeds birds prefer. Black-oil sunflower seed is a favorite of many birds. They also discussed types of feeders, avian predators such as accipiters, and how to discourage squirrels. Everyone attending brought a plate of cookies or a snack.

For information about the Lake Erie Bird Club call John and Bev Ruska at 679-9676.