New mausoleum under consideration for Holy Trinity Cemetery

The Holy Trinity Cemetery Committee has been researching the cost of building a new mausoleum in Holy Trinity Cemetery, located at 3799 Franklin Ave. in Dunkirk. All crypts in the existing mausoleum have been purchased.

Many who choose traditional burials prefer the option to be laid to rest above ground in a mausoleum crypt. They find peace knowing family members are not burdened with caring for a ground marker and the area around the grave.

There are plots and columbarium niches available for purchase in the cemetery. However, in an effort to meet the needs of those seeking above-ground casket burial as a final resting place for themselves or their loved ones, the Holy Trinity Cemetery Committee is working hard to make this option available again.

In the past, many parents and grandparents pre-planned their burials. It was a great gift for those who later did not have to deal with making decisions during a time of grief. One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is preplanning and making arrangements now for your final resting place.

If you would like information on Holy Trinity Cemetery or this project, please contact the parish office at 366-2306, or email businessmanager@holytrinitydunkirk.com.


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