Westfield children enjoy S.T.E.M. Day

Submitted Photo. Here are some scenes from S.T.E.M. Day at Westfield Elementary School.
Submitted Photo. Here are some scenes from S.T.E.M. Day at Westfield Elementary School.

WESTFIELD — Tuesday, Nov. 26 was the first S.T.E.M. Day of the year at Westfield Elementary School.

Fourth grade kicked off the day with a wonderful STAR Program. It was filled with information about S.T.E.M., examples of who uses Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in their jobs and a focus on weights and measures. To explain our Caring and Sharing event, students discussed how the weight of what we can donate can positively affect those who will receive them.

Each grade level continued with weight and measurement activities throughout the day. Pre-K students sorted heavy and light objects, weighed and compared objects, and measured items with unifix cubes. Kindergarten used double-pan balances to weigh objects, measured with linker cubes and learned about capacity with rice. First grade had a Thanksgiving theme and focused on measuring with non-standard objects. They created a turkey craft, measured each other with pumpkins and measured the height and width of turkeys. Second grade practiced measuring with fractions in a baking activity in the Home Economics Room. Third grade measured ingredients while making flubber; and used a pan balance to divide it equally. The students practiced testing sand, gravel and soil by building a dam to stop the flow of water. They measured using chromatography. Fourth grade used balance scales, practiced measuring the diameter of containers, and finding the volume of different objects. Lastly, fifth grade made Mayflower boats to see which one could hold the most passengers without sinking, and grocery shopped by calculating quantities, price per pound and totals of the food lists.

The second through fifth-graders were also able to participate in the Planetarium. This was set up in the LGI and students climbed in to experience different constellations, the sun, moon, stars and even visited a few different planets!

The next S.T.E.M. Day will be Feb. 7. The second grade will be presenting at the STAR program and we will be focusing on dinosaurs. We can’t wait to see what fun activities we will participate in next!