Toastmaster Club brings laughs, learning

Rosemarie Eskes introduced her humorous speaking skills at the Concord Toastmaster Club Wednesday, Oct. 28. Eskes is in the first stage of preparation of Toastmaster District 65 Humorous Speech Contest.

Ned Lindstrom give Eskes multiple ideas for improvement along with complimented her on the audience participation and the use of props.

Christine Wolbert also presented an educational presentation on “Audience Engagement.” Participation with asking questions can be so powerful with getting speakers point across. Jackie Kenney evaluated Wolbert suggesting possible better positioning of the camera. Working with Zoom has brought a new challenge to many and members are using Toastmasters as a learning center to give better presentations.

Jim Rawcliffe presided over the club meeting as Toastmaster. The theme of the meeting was “Statue of Liberty, 1886.”

Wolbert served as Ah-Counter trying to hear those filler words and listened for any

Grammarian errors to help members become better speakers.

Pam Gorman was tasked with making sure the club was on schedule by serving as timer. She utilized technology to show the green, yellow, and red virtual background to notify participants of their speaking limits.

Ned Lindstrom served as Table Topic Master providing multiple topics for members to practice their hand at impromptu speaking.

Toastmaster is an opportunity to practice speaking skills. Guests are always welcome at no cost.

The next scheduled meeting is 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Zoom: https://bit.ly/ConcordSpellbindersMtg


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