The Working Hands Theatre Collaborative presents ‘Euphoria’

Students at SUNY Fredonia have created their own theater company: The Working Hands Theatre Collaborative. They will be presenting the world premier of “Euphoria” by Emma Goldman-Sherman.

The play Euphoria is about a family of three dealing with the effects of drug addiction, growing pains, love and grief. It is about the humanity of three people who endure something that we can never be prepared for. The play highlights the extreme importance of addiction, and the lack of awareness that surrounds it — but also the importance of grief, and how the lack of attention to that causes more pain. The Working Hands Theater Collaborative has staged this 30 minute production with two different casts; one for each day of performing.

One cast features a family with gay parents while the other has straight parents, which has developed into two beautiful different adaptations of the script.

The show will have two performances on Friday, Dec. 13, and two performances Saturday Dec. 14. Each day will have performances at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., and will be performed at the SUNY Fredonia Townhouses’ Multipurpose Room. Tickets can be purchased through the Fredonia Ticket office. The cost for the public is $4 per person.