Meals on Wheels

April/May hot noon meal

30 Scalloped potatoes and ham, broccoli, bread, low-salt vegetable juice, fruit crisp

1 Grilled chicken breast, mixed vegetables, coleslaw, cornbread, apple sauce

2 Vegetable lasagna, broccoli, grape juice, garlic roll, cookie

3 Chicken fingers, sweet potato nuggets, green beans, juice, bread, pound cake

4 Stuffed cabbage roll, carrots, biscuit, juice, pudding

April/May Evening cold meal menu

30 Sliced turkey sandwich, macaroni salad, apricots

Evening cold meal menu

1 Sliced ham and Swiss sandwich, potato salad, cereal bar

2 Seafood salad on croissant, 3 bean salad, pears

3 Salami and cheese sandwich, macaroni salad, Mandarin oranges

4 Egg salad sandwich, German potato salad, fruit cocktail


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