Ballroom dancing classes return Sept. 10 in Fredonia

Ballroom dancing classes are scheduled to begin on Sept. 10 at the Collage Performing Arts Center, located at 214 Eagle St. in Fredonia.

Fall is nearly upon us and it is time to be thinking of ways to keep active as the usual summer projects and outside activities are put aside for another long winter season. As everyone knows, the key to good health, both physical and mental, is exercise. We need to keep moving because when we rest, we rust.

Why not consider joining a class in social dancing, which is the perfect antidote for combating the winter blues. Where else can one find an opportunity to channel one’s energy and attention in an activity which provides mental stimulation, physical exercise, artistic interpretation and agreeable social interaction.

As noted in the Harvard Health Watch publication, June 2016, …“Dancing is the universal human experience. We dance to express joy, celebrate life events and enact religious and cultural rituals. dance also has physical and cognitive benefits that may exceed those of other forms of exercise. Both music and exercise help prevent and alleviate disease. Fusing the two may have even greater benefits than either alone.”

Classes in social dancing in the style of American Ballroom will begin once again at the Collage Performing Arts Center, located at 214 Eagle St. in Fredonia from 7:30 to 9 p.m. beginning Thursday, Sept. 13 for beginners and Monday, Sept. 10 for folks already familiar with the basic dances.

For further information, contact Doug Hinton at 672-8544.