Sinclairville 76ers get into Halloween spirit

The Sinclairville 76ers is the meals on wheels program for the Cassadaga Valley area. Meals are delivered on three different routes by volunteers three days a week, and on the same delivery days, a meal is served at the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Meals are delivered to Villenova, Cherry Creek, Conewango Valley, Ellington, Cassadaga, Lily Dale, Stockton, Centralia, Sinclairville and Gerry. On Halloween Day, those volunteers and patrons of the program were encouraged to dress in costume for a party hosted by Patti France, center in the front. Elsie Livermore is the site manager, with Richard Smith of Sinclairville the president of the organization, John Sipos the vice president, Bonnie Larkin the secretary, and Margie McIntyre the treasurer. Susan Sipos types the menus, and Sue Alford is the record keeper. Wally Jozwiak is the cook. Prizes were awarded to the three who were judged to be most original and colorful in their dress. For more information on the meals on wheels program, call 962-3455.