Meals on Wheels

August daily main entree

26 Pepperoni pizza, Italian vegetables, grape juice, fruit crisp

27 Souper chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, cookies, wheat bread

28 Stuffed cabbage, carrots, pineapple juice, cornbread, fruited gelatin

29 Barbecued pork on bun, green beans, potato salad, pudding

30 Seafood salad on croissant, pasta salad, coleslaw, seasonal fruit

Supplemental evening meal

26 Egg salad on wheat bread, copper penny carrot salad, muffin loaf

27 Tuna salad on wheat bread, cheesy macaroni salad, peaches

28 Cold cut sub on wheat roll, 3 bean salad, cereal bar

29 Sliced turkey and cheese on wheat bread, pickled beets, tropical fruit

30 Sliced roast beef with provolone cheese on wheat, corn relish, donut