Cruise-in church

Finding hope in the midst of COVID

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to many changes to our way of life. Holidays and family gatherings have changed to digital formats. Students are being temporarily educated at home. Even a trip to the grocery store involves planning and forethought never needed before.

Also affected is the way we worship. Our forefathers in this great nation sought to include freedom of religion as a crucial part of our founding Constitution. This freedom has been a defining part of the United States of America since long before our country was established, when pilgrims sought refuge in a new land; free from a religiously oppressive government.

All these centuries later, we still enjoy this freedom today. Yes, it has changed in the past few weeks from the traditional Sunday morning gatherings, but people of faith — like millions across this country — have sought alternative means to safely worship.

Family Church Fredonia has been just one of those many congregations who have found a different way to conduct services.

“We had already been offering high-definition live-streaming services,” said Rev. Michael Lokietek, Senior Pastor of Family Church. “There is nothing that compares to meeting in person, but we’re grateful our congregation members still have access to see and somewhat participate in services.”

In another step toward gathering in faith, Family Church began offering ‘Cruise In Church’ services in April. With the use of an FM transmitter, Pastor Michael can lead his congregants in worship while they park — safely distanced — in their vehicles around Fredonia’s historic Barker Commons.

“Faith does whatever it takes,” said Rev. Lokietek. “Technology has allowed us to continue to gather together, even if we can’t be face to face, so we can worship and learn of God’s goodness.”

Rev. Lokietek extended a heartfelt invitation to the communities, stressing that Cruise In Church isn’t reserved for members of Family Church.

“You may feel lost, scared, and hopeless,” said Rev. Lokietek. “You may just be looking for a church to attend during this season while your church is closed down. We have a message of hope we want to share with you, and we have a way to safely do it.”

If you’d like to take a listen to Cruise In Church, drive down to Fredonia’s Barker Commons on Church Street Sunday mornings at 10am. Ushers and parking attendants will be on site to direct you. Tune your radio to 87.9FM and sit back to enjoy the message.

For more information on Family Church Fredonia, visit fcfredonia.org or call the church at 716-672-8100.


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