Chautauqua Nursing & Rehab opens in-house dialysis den

You read that right, CTNRC has officially opened its very own in-house Dialysis den. “This has been a long time coming” said administrator, Colleen Hart. “We’re very excited that it’s up and running. We realize that the benefits that make us (CTNRC) better make our Resident’s better too.”

The four-seater, state of the art, Dialysis Den, employing an LPN and an RN, started daily treatments for our Residents (both long term care and subacute rehab).

The Den is located at the end of B Hall on our 2B Unit. CTNRC partnered with Dialyze Direct to create a treatment centered on our Resident’s needs. The overall goal is to eliminate time, stress and energy spent traveling to outpatient facilities for dialysis.

Sister Vestracare facilities have had great success with their partnerships with Dialyze Direct. CTRNC is proud to be the only local skilled nursing facility offering this unique, incredible opportunity.

This proven model, perfected so that the Residents can live with dialysis, not for it, focuses on improving the quality of life for our Residents who require dialysis treatment. Typically, Residents on “traditional dialysis” needed to leave the facility at least 3 days weekly, be transported via bus, miss meals, programming, therapy, activities and endure what often is a nine-hour recovery time. It has been reported more tailored treatment model of in-house dialysis recovery time can take just 30 minutes. CTNRC in conjunction with Dialyze Direct believes that Residents didn’t choose to go on dialysis, but they can certainly choose how the get it, and that can make all of the difference in the world.

The dialysis den can accommodate 2 shifts of 4 Residents daily (M-F). The den is not only for long term care Residents. Those admitted for subacute rehab can also utilize the Dialyze Direct in-house service. Resident, Barb Troup, recently said that not needing to go out to treatment weekly has truly made all of the difference in the world! “I don’t miss Bingo, meals or other programs I enjoy here at my home and most importantly I don’t have to take that long bus ride.”

Under the direction of Dialyze Direct, (pursuant to a physician’s order) residents are able to dialyze in the comfort of the facility.

Are you or your loved one currently in a skilled nursing facility and receiving out-patient dialysis weekly? CTNRC currently has long term care bed availability for dialysis patients.

For more information on how you or your loved one can participate in our cutting-edge dialysis treatment contact 366-6400 and ask for admissions. Because it’s your treatment on your terms.


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