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Sheridan Happy Seniors hold final meeting

On Friday, Aug. 13, the “Sheridan Happy Seniors” gathered for the last time singing the “Happy Seniors Song.” President Eleanor Lemiszko opened the meeting with the Pledge to the Flag and everyone singing God Bless America. Chaplin and Activities Director Pauline Flitt offered a blessing for the food about to be eaten and the final meeting.

There was plenty of food for everyone. Earl Sheeler roasted hot dogs on the grill. Ruth Sheeler prepared corn on the cob. Everyone commented on how delicious the corn was , saying it was the best corn they had of the season. The corn was donated by Richard Feinen Farms located on the corner of Rts 20 & 39 in Sheridan. Through the years there have been many times that Richard Feinen Farms have donated to the seniors. Everyone truly appreciates all the generosity. There was plenty of corn so everyone was given some to take home with them. Cake and ice cream was also enjoyed.

To celebrate the day, everyone received a thank you card for acknowledging their loyalty to the club. Each card also contained a scratch off ticket. This was prepared by Pauline who always brings a lot of laughter to the meetings.

There were two Riles & Woolley drawings. Mary Ann Seibert and Ed Newman were the lucky ones. Extra 50/50 drawings were won by Arlene Miller, Rose Cerrie, Joan Suski, Angie Logan and Janice Snyder. The extra wheel spins made it possible for everyone to win but the big winners were Ed and Angie both winning three times.

Pauline called Bingo. The lucky winners were: Ruth, Betty Kazora, Janice, Earl, Rose, Jan Polisoto, Joan and the final big winner was Mary Ann.

Members were welcomed to join and attend the Silver Creek Seniors meetings on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.

The closing of the meeting was by Chaplin Pauline reading a verse called “A New Chapter “ which was fitting for the final meeting. Meeting adjourned!

Fredonia Seniors

The meeting for the Fredonia Seniors was held Aug. 9. Unfortunately several members have passed away since the last meeting. Members held a moment of silence for them. We said the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, Sang God Bless America, said Grace and welcomed all new members, and guests, Judy Presutti, Kathy Hobbs, Annabelle Hahn, Marsha Sullivan, Helen Burt, Lucille Richardson, Greg Ferriss, and Sarah Gorccynski.

The birthdays for August were announced: Deb Messere, Louise Richir; we all sang Happy Birthday. Thank you John Binko, for lending the portable microphone.

Callers were thanked: Pat Ebert, Nancy Niebel, Josie Wierczynski, Linda Riley. Treasurers report was given by Evonne Hennebery. The luncheon included: lemon balsamic chicken quarters, homemade tossed salad, baked red skinned potatoes, steamed vegetables, and ice cream.

Robin Carr, told a hilarious, joke. The 50/50 winners were: Pat Ebert, Judy Presutti, Delores Campbell, and Linda Riley Bingo was held by Phyllis Laurito, Rosemary Mancuso and Lucy Seili.

The next meeting will be Sept. 13. Menu as follows: Beef /wick, green beans, tossed salad, potato salad, and apple crisp. Send all monies for this luncheon to: Linda Riley 264 King. St. Dunkirk, 14048 as soon as possible (if not already paid).

Silver Creek Seniors

The Silver Creek Seniors met on Aug. 31. with 32 members present.

President Ed Newman opened the meeting with The Pledge to the Flag and all raised their voices to sing My Country Tis of Thee. Pauline Flitt read “At Close of Day” and offered a prayer and blessing of the food.

Members brought their brown bag lunches and several different dessert items.

The 50-50 winners were: Carm Tampio, Cathy Hebb and Betty Moores. Winners of the gifts were Ron Conover, Max Church, and Ed. Wheel of Fortune lucky winners were: Ron, Annette Hoeber (twice), Sally Conover (twice), Janice Snyder (twice), Dixie Carlson, Sue Duecker, Marge Church, Ed, Judy Hahn, Lorrie Newman and Sue Borowski.

Pauline called bingo, and the lucky winners were: Lorrie, Annette, Marsha Stevens, Harry Suski, Ginny Chesbro, Betty, Max (twice), Joan Militello and Carol Prowse.

Next week we will have an indoor picnic with hot dogs and salads and desserts. Several members stayed after the meeting to play dominoes. We invite senior citizens in the area to visit our club on Tuesdays from 1-3 p.m. and see if you would like to attend our meetings. (call Ed Newman, President at 934-2170 for information.)

Pinochle scores

Fredonia Beaver Club pinochle scores for recent weeks have been announced:

August 10 — Donna Nickerson,575; Nancy Niebel, 552; Rose Cerrie, 531; Peanuts, Irene Richardson.

August 12 — Rose Cerrie, 529; Barb Smith, 467; Fran Sullivan, 462; Peanuts, Phil Cornell; Double Pinochle, Rose Cerrie.

August 17 — Donna Nickerson, 539; Phil Cornell, 510; Peanuts, Kathy Kamery.

August 19 — Sally Conover, 587; Kathy Kamery, 517; Peanuts, Jeanne Hauser.

August 24 — Donna Nickerson, 596; Jeanne Hauser, 468; Lucy Saeli, 463; Peanuts, Irene Richardson; Double Pinochle, Brenda Jones.

August 26 — Brenda Jones, 553; Gene Pauszek, 536; Peanuts, Kathy Kamery.

August 31 — Rose Cerrie, 521; Irene Richardson, 504; Peanuts, Kathy Kamery.


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