NY Connects is open to all ages

Did you know that NY Connects services all ages? We do! We partner with many agencies that can serve people of many ages. Recently our staff attended the “Connecting the Dots” event at The Jamestown Community College.

This event was hosted by Strong Starts Chautauqua, this is a local network of community-based organizations that work to serve Chautauqua County families, and children from prenatal through age 5. This organization offers education, community events, outreach, information, assistance and referral services, and maternal and early childhood risk screening.

What a great opportunity to have these resources right here in our county! On their website (https://strongstartschaut.com/ ) they say “because kids don’t come with instructions.” If you have been a parent, family member, Grandparent, or friend to a family with children, we all know this is funny but true! Here in Chautauqua County has an “early Intervention” program it serves infants and toddlers, from birth to three years of age, who have developmental delays. These services are usually provided in the family’s homes.

There are many types of developmental delays which may be physical, cognitive, communication, social, emotional, or behavioral. The Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone has a wonderful website that explains each type. You can access it at this web address. https://nyulangone.org/conditions/developmental-delays-in-children/types .

The Chautauqua County Early intervention program also offers Child Find. This program connects with families to educate on developmental milestones. Child Find can do screening and refer/connect to the early intervention program services that are provided in the family’s home. These services are at no cost to the family. If you feel you need these services, you can call the Early Intervention Program directly at 716-753-4788.

As children age into preschool years, there are preschool special education programs. These are available for children aged 3-5 years old with developmental delays. This preschool education program works to provide the best educational environment for children based on their needs. To learn more about how to enroll a child in preschool special needs education you can call the school district you are in and ask for the CPSE chairperson. If you need help with this or have questions, you can call the Chautauqua County Early Intervention program at 716-753-4788.

There is the Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs program as well. This referral and linkage program works with families of children birth to 21 years old. It is for those children that have or you believe may have serious and/or chronic conditions that have more and greater health-related needs. This program helps these families access health and community services to help them live well in their communities. Again, the contact number is 716-753-4788.

One number to serve any questions or concerns you have about special needs for children from prenatal birth up to age 21 if needed.

NY Connects assists people of all ages. NY Connects offers information and assistance about local services that you may need. NY Connects is free and focused on your needs and available resources. NY Connects programs are located with the Office for Aging Services (OFAS) and the Southwestern Independent Living Center (SILC). You can reach NY Connects by phone: at 716-753-4582 or 800-342- 9871 email: ccnyc@chqgov.com Southwestern Independent Living NY Connects at 716-661-3010 or 716-490-7561. There is an online resource tool called the NY Connects Resource directory as well at www.nyconnects.ny.gov.

The Chautauqua County Office for Aging Services and the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services bring NY Connects to you.


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