Large group from Gowanda Class of 1969 reunites

Jim McCarl, Deahann Harris, and Joyann Kota. Jim is presenting roses to Deahann and Joyann for all the work they did to make this 50th reunion happen.

GOWANDA — Aug. 3, about 100 people attended the Gowanda Class of 1969’s 50th reunion. Sixty-seven classmates came from Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Delaware, South Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, Texas, Idaho and California besides New York state. The class had the option to tour Gowanda Central School and visit the Historical Building before coming to the 50th reunion held at the Gowanda VFW. Some stated that they believed that this is the largest attendance for reunions.

This reunion was planned about a year in advance. It started when Ruth Terhune and Deahann Harris met on Joyann Kota’s front porch and decided to plan for a celebration for the 50th year reunion. Postings were made throughout on Facebook and on several Gowanda sites (You know you’re from Gowanda if, Gowanda-Beautiful Valley Between the Hills, Gowanda Junior-Senior High School Friends, and Gowanda NY Class of 69).

The first meeting took place on July 19, 2018 and a core was established. The core consisted of Gary Peters, Patti (Bushnell) and Rusty Pound, Sundae Leroy, Sue West Dotson, ]erome Hager, Byron Post, Cheryl Twoguns, Marcy Hebner Miller, Pamela Vogtli Compson, Joyann Albrecht Kota and Deahann Howard Harris. Invitations were sent via snail mail to all classmates.

The VFW was decorated with blue, white and gold balloons. Artifacts such as the girls’ old blue gym suit, the play “Harvey” poster that was drawn by one of our class artists, the late Susan Rogers Aregger, the class graduation program, groups of elementary pictures, a “1969 Remember When” and a 50th Class of 1969 Reunion Booklet of submissions from the class were displayed.

A Memorial table was also set up to honor the classmates who have passed.

Members of the Gowanda Central School Graduating Class of 1969.

All in all, it was a fun gathering with delicious food from Goode’s Restaurant and South Dayton Super Duper, and music provided by our DJ, Sue Avers (Straight Kat Karaoke). Pictures were taken by photographer Andy Davidhazy (Susan Homan Davidhazy’s husband).

During the celebration, both Deahann Harris and Joyann Kota were presented with a bouquet of roses. Jim McCarl presented the flowers on behalf of the Class of 1969 for their efforts in putting together the 50th class reunion.