WMH Foundation wins Westfield-Barcelona Chamber Contest

Submitted photo Standing left to right are WMH Board Member/Artist Beth Patri and WMHF Executive Director Patricia Gaughan DiPalma. The duo proudly showcases the Westfield-Barcelona Community Chamber of Commerce's award winning wine bottle highlighting the community hospital's 77-year history.

WESTFIELD — During the July 1, Friday event held on Main Street in Westfield, the winner of the Westfield Wine Bottle 2019 project was awarded to the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation for the second consecutive year.

Sponsored by the Westfield-Barcelona Community Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a clear winner was established after counting hundreds of entries and the prize, a framed certificate and a $50 Shoptauqua Gift Card was awarded by the sponsor. Gifted artist Beth Patri of Westfield artistically interpreted the creative winning wine bottle entry for the chamber’s popular marketing contest.

The Shoptauqua Gift Card is a program of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce that is useable at all registered chamber businesses in Chautauqua County. The gift cards can be purchased by contacting the county chamber office. In addition to making great gifts, the gift cards also help support local businesses.

For those who would like to learn more about the hospital foundation or to give to the 2019 Annual Campaign, contact Ms. DiPalma at patricia.dipalma@ahn.org; call: 716-793-2338 or visit the foundation’s website at: www.westfieldhospitalfoundation.org.