Westfield Fund acknowledges donations, grants

During a recent meeting, members of The Westfield Fund approved two grants and recognized a generous donation.

Centaur Stride Therapeutic Riding Center was approved for a grant for trail maintenance and development. Lake Shore Center For the Arts will receive a grant for website development. Grant applications are due by April 1st each year and are available at nccfoundation.org/westfield-fund, by contacting a committee member, or by calling 716-366-4892. The Westfield Fund’s Grants Committee includes Cristie Herbst, Pete Holt, Rick Mascaro, Jean McCausland, Sue Poster, Nancy Walker, and Dan Willow.

At the same meeting, the Advisory Committee also acknowledged a generous donation of $2,308 from the Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York. The Advisory Committee includes Martha Bills, Bob Dyment, John Hemmer, Marilyn Hemmer, Herbst, Al Holbrook, Deanne Manzella, Mascaro, Poster, Vinny Sanzo, Joel Seachrist, Mike VandeVelde, and Rachel Willow.

The Westfield Fund is a Community Donor Advised Fund of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation. Their mission of improving the quality of life for residents of Westfield is fulfilled through grantmaking to charitable projects and organizations serving the community. Grants are made possible by contributions from individuals, families, and businesses.

Since its incorporation in 1986, the NCCF has invested more than $17 million in northern Chautauqua County through strategic grantmaking, targeted scholarships, and leadership and community collaborations. The NCCF is a tax-exempt charitable organization inherently committed to enhancing the northern Chautauqua community and encouraging local philanthropy. As a Nationally Accredited Community Foundation, the NCCF has proven compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, demonstrating integrity, equity, accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in meeting the needs of their community. For more information on the NCCF, visit www.nccfoundation.org or call 366-4892.


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