Memorial books listed by Dunkirk library

OBSERVER Photos by Jo Ward The Dunkirk Public Library.

Dunkirk Public Library has listed memorials for the month of November:


In memory of Henry and Dora Barbknecht

Easy German Cookbook, Lodder

Just Another Love Song, Winfrey

In memory of Bill Bremer

Black Dog, Woods

Upgrade, Crouch

In memory of Ralph Burke

Armored, Greaney

Becoming FDR, Darman

Prisoners of the Castle, Macintyre

Forsaken Country, Eskens

In memory of George Catalano

Three Days at Camp David, Garten

In memory of John J Ceranovicz

Life on the Mississippi, Buck

In memory of Francis J Cole

Improv Quilting, Roderick

The Wishing Quilt, Thomas

Botanical Watercolor Painting for Beginners, Olsen

100 Things to Know About Art, Hodge

Get Quilting with Angela and Cloe, Walters

In memory of Karen Y Corsi

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, Hazan

At Home on Marigold Lane, Mason

The Christmas Spirit, Macomber

The twelve Tospy-Turvy Very Messy Days of Christmas, Patterson

The Best Friend, Fellowes

Our Kind of People, Wallace

The Italian Bakery, Silver Spoon Kitchen

Human Kindness, Francis

The Challenge, Steel

The Lies I Told, Burton

The Family Remains, Jewel

Nana’s Italian Cookies, Pipitone

La Vita Dolce, Clark

Dreamland, Sparks

Holidays in Virgin River, Carr

The Baxters, Kingsbury

The Orchard, Lewis

Home Sweet Christmas, Mallery

Snackable Bakes, Sheehan

In memory of David Dow

The record Keeper, Martin

In memory of Craig D Fellinger

The Bullet That Missed, Osman

Next in Line, Archer

In memory of Gail Fox

Rules at the School by the Sea

In memory of Maximus Norman Schnur-Gallivan

Dinosaur Atlas, National Geographic Society

In memory of Clint Giordani

The 6:20 Man, Baldacci

In memory of James Halas

The Omega Factor, Berry

In memory of Phyllis Houser

The best is Yet to Come, Macomber

In memory of John J Jakubowicz

What Do You Call Your Grandpa?- Barton

Our Vietnam Wars, Brown

In memory of Cindy Krzakala

The Winter Bird, Banks

Lennon, Dylan Alice & Jesus, Laurie

In memory of John Lawrence Sr

Horse Tales, Underwood

In memory of David G Markey

Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter,Cotter

In memory of Frank Mirek

Open Carry, Cameron

While Justice Sleeps, Abrams

The Last trail, Turow

False Witness, Slaughter

Sparring Partner, Grisham

James Patterson by James Patterson, Patterson

A Matter of Life and Death, Margolin

The Island, McKinty

Josh Allen: Built for Buffalo, Buffalo News

Escape, Patterson

A Spanish Sunrise, Walker

A White House Memoir, Kushner

Killing the Legends, O’Reilly

A Reasonable Doubt, Margolin

The Boys From Biloxi, Grisham

The Devil’s Hand, Carr

Dreamtown, Baldacci

Tom Clancey’s Zero Hour, Bentley

In memory of James Noto

The Stone Age, Jones

The Boston Celtics at 75, Sports Illustrated

In memory of David Price

The Furies, Connolly

Clive Cussler’s Hellburner, Maden

In memory of James Rowley

Sparring Partners, Grisham

In memory of William Spell

Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original, Bryant

In memory of Carol Sutton

Golden Girl, Hilderbrand

Diane, William, and Harry, Patterson

The Challenge, Steel

Tomorrow & Tomorrow, Zevin


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