Natural Resource Conservation Service program application deadline Oct. 18

New York Natural Resources Conservation Service announces Oct. 18 as the application cutoff date for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program for fiscal year 2014.

Applications accepted after Oct. 18 may be considered for funding if additional application rounds are announced or for potential consideration in FY2015.

All applications are competitive and are ranked based on national, state and locally identified resource priorities and the overall benefit to the environment.

Although a new Farm Bill has yet to be approved, applicants may still apply for funding through the same programs offered through the 2008 Farm Bill.

At the time of application, applicants must specify the resource concern(s) that they intend to address.

Once further guidance on the 2013 Farm Bill is provided, NRCS will work with applicants to transfer applications to the appropriate conservation program.

“NRCS NY looks forward to helping farmers and rural landowners address priority resource concerns on their land,” said Donald Pettit NRCS State Conservation-ist. “Each year NRCS offers a variety of programs which help landowners address a wide range of conservation needs in New York.”

EQIP: offers financial assistance for practices which address soil erosion, water quality and habitat degradation. Practices implemented through EQIP include strip cropping, grassed waterways and manure storage facilities. Focus areas within the EQIP program include soil health, livestock waste, habitat, forestry and grazing.

WHIP: helps participants restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat in grassland and shrubland areas.

If you are interested in applying for an NRCS conservation program please visit our web site for information on applying at:

You may apply by contacting your local NRCS field office at 664-2351 extension 115.