Fredonia Walmart raises money for Children’s Miracle Network

Submitted Photo Carin Rouleau, Brittany Foss, and Amanda Lawton accepting a plaque for appreciation of Fredonia Walmart in helping raise money for Children's Miricle Network Hospitals.

Walmarts throughout the country are helping raise money for Children’s Miricle Network Hospitals.

The money raised is donated to the local Children’s Hospital. In Fredonia, the money raised through CMNHospitals is donated to Buffalo’s new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital. Last year the community donated $15,256 to CMNH through Fredonia Walmart.

This year the store has participated in different fundraisers to raise money, from bake sales to throwing pies in management’s face!

Annually Walmart and Sam’s Club run a campaign in which customers can donate at any register. You may chose to round up to the nearest dollar or any desired amount. The campaign ran through Sept. 30. Every dollar counts, and every donation helps our children and their families in our community. Thank you for your donations and support. People in our communities are who make the difference.