Dawson Metal touts new investments

An Amada HRB 2204 Smart Brake has been installed at Dawson Metal Co.

JAMESTOWN — Dawson Metal Co. has been a long-standing manufacturing plant in Chautauqua County for over 77 years. It has been owned and operated by the Dawson family since its inception. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight. Adapting to the changing manufacturing environment is a must. To do this requires significant capital investments in both machinery and our employees.

As demand for affordable quality products is on the rise, Dawson Metal Company is continuing its efforts to remain at the forefront of these changing demands. On Sept. 1, the newest machinery was installed in the facility, an Amada HRB 2204 Smart Brake. The newest technology is a 240-ton, 14-foot smart brake press that includes the latest advancements in manufacturing. The addition of the new brake press will allow for higher tolerances and repeatability for our Dawson Doors.

Dawson Metal also purchased new technology at the end of 2022 to help with the influx of business. A new routing table was purchased with an emphasis on being used for door products and a laser welder, which is used for multiple customers in both our Architectural and Industrial Departments.

Dawson’s ability to drive change and seek the latest technology allows us to stay a step ahead of our competition and meet industry demands. Whether it’s manufacturing doors for stadiums, museums, business parks, industrial components, or powder coating at the Spray Tech Finishing facility, customers can be assured Dawson Metal will have the latest technology and ship our quality products on time and within budget.


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