Saw mill approved in Dewittville

MAYVILLE — A new saw mill has been given approval to operate in the town of Chautauqua.

During the Chautauqua Town Board meeting this week, board members gave approval for a saw mill in Dewittville.

According to Supervisor Donald Emhardt, the saw mill, which is located at 6158 Centralia-Hartfield Road, has been operated by Wallie Byler for personal use. The owner intends on using it for commercial use in the future. There were no objections made during a public hearing Tuesday at the town hall.

The Chautauqua Town Zoning Board of Appeals held the first hearing on Sept. 15, which was approved. The area is zoned residential-agricultural.

After that hearing, a special use permit hearing was held on Tuesday by the town board.

The town board made the following stipulations:

¯ The applicant shall undertake the permitted use in accordance with the map and plans prepared, upon information and belief, by the applicant and submitted to the town with the application, and to be bound by the terms of the application and the conditions of this permit, which are as follows:

¯ The special use permit shall not be assigned or transferred, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the town board.

¯ The permit does not authorize the erection of structures or buildings without building permits that are otherwise required by state or local law.

¯ The applicant shall commence construction of at least one storage building within one year of the issuance of this permit; if the use has not begun within the prescribed time, the special use permit shall be void and the applicant shall be required to apply for a new permit should it intend to continue the project.

The town board unanimously approved the special use permit.


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