City playground equipment closed during pandemic

Following the lead of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Wilfred Rosas has instructed the closure of all city playground facilities during the safest-method responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city’s beautiful parks remain open for now, but all must adhere to social distancing and the other recommended procedures to protect each other from spread of the dangerous virus. However, slides and courts and swings, and similar items where children play close, must be closed for an indefinite time.

Mayor Rosas thanks the citizens of Dunkirk and the visitors to Dunkirk for understanding the unique needs for personal and inter-personal safety during the precautions necessary to fight the war against COVID-19. Please follow all precautions prescribed by the County Health Department and by our state and federal experts on this pandemic.

Further precautions may be implemented as Mayor Rosas is daily on a conference call with the governor’s team of health experts. The Mayor wishes you all the best during these very trying times and thanks you for adhering to the safety prescriptions now and for those that may evolve.


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