County DMV offices to be closed next week

The Chautauqua County Department of Motor Vehicles is shifting gears again.

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, county Clerk Larry Barmore has announced that the three offices will be closing to the public next week.

“After much thought,we have again decided to close all three of the DMV offices from June 29 to July 3,” Barmore said. “Please know that this is a decision that has not been made lightly, but per Governor (Andrew) Cuomo, we need to implement an online appointment system.

“In order to do that we need to catch up on all backlogged work and get an online system for booking appointments in place. We are going to use this coming week to do that. This also means we will not be accepting work via drop box for this week only.

“We know how frustrating these times are for everyone, but please know we have our county’s best interests in mind. All employees are working diligently and as hard as they can to make things happen.”

There will be additional information about our new online appointment system at the beginning of next week, Barmore said. For more information, go to https://chqgov.com/county-clerk/Department-of-Motor-Vehicles.

“As a reminder, the state has extended all driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations so do not panic if your license or registration has expired,” Barmore said. “There is still plenty of time to get those renewed.”


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