Cassadaga Valley shut down for Friday, elementary may continue into next week

SINCLAIRVILLE — All Cassadaga Valley Central School students will be learning remotely Friday, and elementary students may continue into next week.

Late Wednesday night, the school district sent out a phone call to families announcing that a staff member tested positive in the middle/high school building. That caused the school to have students in sixth through 12th grade to go remote. Then Thursday afternoon, the school was notified a staff member in the Sinclairville Elementary School tested positive.

Because of that positive test, school Superintendent Chuck Leichner, announced the elementary school would be closed Friday as well.

The elementary staff member, who was not publicly identified, may have exposed a number of school employees. “We have 11 or 12 staff members that are going to be quarantined as a result of this positive case,” he said in a video posted on the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages. “That is a significant number when you think about the work that has to be done in an elementary school our size. To take 11 or 12 adults out of the building almost makes it impossible to carry out the work that needs to be done and to provide the services that need to be provided.”

“Leichner said an announcement will be made on Friday about what happens with Sinclairville Elementary next week. “There is a possibility that if 11 or 12 people are quarantined, they may be out all of next week and that would mean that we would be in a real challenged position to try and carry out school and it may in fact be remote,” he said.

Currently, Cassadaga Valley students from pre-K to 12th grade go to school either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. The other three days are taught remotely.

At this point, Leichner said he expects the middle/high school to be open next week for in-person classes.


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