In-person learning resumes in city Monday

COVID school report card numbers for the district were discussed.

Dunkirk has decided to allow hybrid students back into the buildings beginning Monday.

At the Dunkirk City School District’s Board of Education workshop Tuesday it was unanimously decided that students can begin attending in person classes again. “My own personal opinion is as long as you can keep us informed of where our staffing levels are, as long as we can hold staffing levels we can keep the schools safe and we have employees to be able to teach and monitor our children, I would be in favor of opening back up hybrid,” Board President Dave Damico stated.

Other board members agreed that so long as safety guidelines and staffing were alright opening up was fine with them as well.

“I’ve had so many phone calls over the weekend with parents wanting their kids to get back into school, some seem like they’re struggling so I’m in favor of bringing the kids back,” board member Robert Bankoski said.

“I stand by what we did for the last four weeks because I don’t know how we would have done it with the issues we were having,” Ken Kozlowski added.

“Having heard that then we will inform the parent community that we will reopen the hybrid program on Feb. 1,” Superintendent Michael Mansfield finalized. “That’s the start of the second semester which is good timing. We will be putting out information to our parents and the community that that will be reopening and any kind of details that they need will come from their buildings to restart that schedule.”

Dunkirk had ended its hybrid schedule during the holidays, going to an all-remote model due to increasing COVID-19 cases with both students and staff. Through Monday, there has been 102 cases involving students and staff, according to the New York state COVID report card for schools.


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