Chlorine incident forces evacuation at Silver Creek schools

OBSERVER Photo The entrance to Silver Creek High School includes dots on the sidewalk signifying 6 feet of space.

SILVER CREEK — Despite a Tuesday afternoon evacuation, Silver Creek Central Schools are planning to be open Wednesday after an accidental chlorine incident that occurred in the pool filtration area during routine maintenance.

In a notice to parents, the district reported Superintendent Todd Crandall was notified of the incident around 3:15 p.m. When the incident occurred, the area was isolated so that no individuals could move into the area, doors were closed on the ends of hallways, and an exterior door was opened to begin fresh air ventilation. After an immediate assessment of the situation, the districtr ordered the entire building to be evacuated outside to fresh air while contacting the Silver Creek Fire Department for assistance in the safe handling of the chlorine incident.

“We thank the Fire Department and all the first responders for their swift and thorough response, and their training to safely and adequately assist us while also securing the area, making certain that everyone was safe,.” the district noted. “The Fire Department was on the scene approximately an hour and 15 minutes and they have since left the campus. We continue to ventilate the building, and as an extra safety precaution we will be performing an air quality test in the pool area this evening to make certain everything is safe for school (Wednesday).”


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