Fredonia trustees lean toward pot sales

Fredonia Village Board

Fredonia’s trustees look inclined to allow cannabis dispensaries in the village, judging by their statements at Monday’s workshop.

A proposal to “opt out” of the state-run marijuana sales points came up for discussion at the workshop. Three of Fredonia’s four trustees made it clear that they are wary of opting out. Municipalities in the state have until Dec. 31 to declare whether are not they are opting out of the state’s plans for placing dispensaries, as well as smoking lounges where consumption will be allowed on-site.

“I think that we should probably consider just letting this go so we can allow the dispensaries to come,” said Trustee James Lynden. “Even if we allow it, we could still address the needs of our community, according to our local alcohol and tobacco laws, if we wish to do that. All we are doing is deciding whether they can operate dispensaries in the village.

“I hate to see us lose any funding that may come along. We could use it to help our

police department in many ways to combat other issues with the illegal drugs. Also, we could use it for education of people having issues with marijuana and other types of things, just like they do with cigarette smoking,” he added.

Complete coverage in Wednesday’s edition.


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