Dunkirk Dave’s shadow signals more winter

When Dunkirk Dave stepped outside Wednesday morning, he was eventually greeted by a terrifying sight: His own shadow. And with that shadow comes the unfortunate reality of six more weeks of winter, as Dave ran back into his house to hide from this jarring reality. Dave’s handler, Bob Will, said that Dave took his time this morning before his shadow revealed itself.

“He came out of his house and had some oatmeal, then walked around his house, came back and ate more oatmeal and the sun came right through,” said Will. “He didn’t even finish his oatmeal.”

Will noted that while the sun was indeed shining early Wednesday, it came with a cold, chilling wind which could have been part of the reason Dunkirk Dave wished to retreat into his house as well.

Though we are faced with the unfortunate reality of Dunkirk Dave’s elongated winter prediction, it isn’t all bad. Groundhog Day is held on this day for a reason, as it marks the exact halfway point of winter. Because of that, Will said the sun will be easier to feel on the days it is shining.

“The earth will start tilting more back toward the sun,” said Will. “That’s why Groundhog Day is set for this time, it marks the exact midpoint of winter. You’ll feel the sun stronger and warmer in your face.”


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